Top 5 True Wireless Earphones for Audiophiles

November 11, 2019

Be it the movies, workout playlist or even your favourite travel songs…without the right earphones, the right bass notes and the sharp lows, the music doesn’t come alive! Many audiophiles have a number of priorities before purchasing an earphone that can actually enhance the experience of music listening to its truest form. Thumping bass, clear treble notes, un-distorted vocals and immersive instrumentals, all together producing the perfect cocktail of an earphone to give the best feeling of music.

However, the wireless earbuds price in India is a debatable topic, and we will cover up this in our next blog “what’s the best budget TWS earbuds in India”. Our in-house experts along with a survey team have zeroed down to the hottest and the best wireless earbuds for iPhone and android.

1. Sennheiser Momentum TWS Earbuds

By far one of the most reputed brands when it comes to audio devices, both their over-the-ear headphones and earbuds have grabbed a tight spot in the market even though they are being sold at a very premium price range of Rs 25000 approximately. Rich bass effects but not so comfortable fit is what our survey subjects had to testify about the Sennheiser TWS. But its flat bass is what holds the earbuds from being called the true Audiophile category but everything else packed in this earpiece is sure to surprise.

2. Sony WF-1000XM3

Beware – this might burn a hole in your pocket! The Sony has stood as an example for designing the best audiophile grade sound systems since many years, they have lately set foot in the True Wireless segment and have took it by a storm indeed.
The Sony WF-1000XM3 is a fantastic piece of earbud if not for a whopping $228 dollar label on it. What gives me a hiccup here is that Sony has missed out on the IPX rating which could be really disappointing.

3. Crossbeats Urban TWS Gaming Earbuds

We can call this small but they are powerful, a design that stands out from all of its
competitors, the Crossbeats Urban True Wireless Bluetooth earphones is a powerhouse for bass and treble with immersive sound experience that delivers a concert effort for the listeners.
Loaded with features such as Siri and Ok Google, this interesting piece of earphone is also IP67 rated and best wireless earbuds for working out. Also, Urban is the best true wireless earbuds in India under 5000, it was also recently announced as Amazon’s highest selling TWS for the festive season.

4. Master and Dynamic MW07

Not the best battery in the segment with just 3.5 hours playtime but the Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones are a serious contestant offering ultimate sound quality.
Offering brilliant aural separation along with wide sound stage, the MW07 will fill your ears with rich, punchy bass, clear mid ranges, and crisp high-frequency audio. Priced at approximately $250 dollars, these earphones are pricy yet highly desired by audiophiles.

5. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 

There is premium written all over this earphone that comes from the B&O line-up. The E8 2.0 is a wonderfully crafted True Wireless that plays true-to-life sounds eliminating all the odds with its active noise cancelling feature.
Price tag of INR 18000 proves its point with a stunning charging case that is aesthetically crafted for the stylish millennial.

Fuel your passion with an incredible sounding earphones

Why Crossbeats is a good choice?
Out of all the leading and emerging brands in the industry at the moment, we have quite a few of them offering value for money and playing the justice card right from the book.
Crossbeats is one such brand that offers futuristic products, that are elegantly designed and are crafted for the ones wanting to live the active lifestyle.
So, what are you waiting for? Go get your True wireless earbuds and flaunt that elegant side of yours anywhere, anytime!

Switch to Crossbeats TWS range, for they provide the perfect blend of comfort, music, playtime and features for an active lifestyle. Driven by the passion for creating endless possibilities to accomplish every goal in life, Crossbeats is the ultimate music companion for every individual.

Check out other wireless earphones that can help you power your passion. These earphones are perfectly designed for the legend in you. #CrossbeatsExperience

1 Response

Gaurav Prashar
Gaurav Prashar

July 07, 2020

1. Great colors and build quality, but I’m not a fan of the rubberised finish which by experience even though is nice to touch, ends up being sticky and comes off eventually..though generally after a year or two.
2. Pairing is quick and easy. No issues encountered so far.
3. Fit is good. I won’t say perfect since they do fall out with excessive shaking and bounce across the floor! Tried all three provided ear-pad sizes and found the default one fits and sounds best.
4. Sound quality – Great Mids and Lows but Highs are slightly muffled, But overall nice and acceptable.
5. Noise Cancellation – Moderate to Good. Blocks external noise significantly. Not sure yet if there’s a passthrough feature.
6. Comfort – Initial impression is good. Don’t feel heavy. Extended use will reveal further.
6. Call – Mic quality is Poor! Other side keeps complaining of being unclear and sort of an echo. This is by far the biggest downside, and not acceptable. I will try these a some more but not sure how mic quality could be tweaked or improved. If not possible, then this could be a dealbreaker. Using with a Galaxy S9 + running Android 10.

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