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The smarter future is here on the fully loaded Crossbeats ACE. Innovative, intelligent and extremely elegant. ACE houses unique display and benchmark features that gives more than what one can ask for in a smartwatch. Stay healthy and stay in control with the ACE!

Smart dynamic 3D hologram UI

15 days super long battery

8 multisport mode

In-built health monitors

IP68 waterproof

Customizable watch faces

Smart shutter capture

Weather forecast

Digital display is smart. 3D Hologram is smarter.

First in its segment with a futuristic dynamic 3D hologram UI, the Crossbeats ACE showcases science fiction graphics on the display enhancing the aesthetics of the overall feel of the premium smartwatch that the country has ever witnessed.

Full round LCD touch

Everything you need on a smartwatch comes loaded on the ACE in its stylish full touch large 1.3inch LCD display. Innovation led by precise engineering ensures smooth access to multiple features with greater touch response on the go.

15 days of unlimited action

Escape the everyday hassles of charging your smartwatch. The ACE comes with an unbeatable 15 days super long battery with smart magnetic charge technology that fuels your battery to a full charge in less than 60mins.

  • 30 days standby time
  • Smart charge enabled
  • 15 days playtime

A phone on your wrist

Never miss a message or a call, the ACE smartwatch will keep you informed all through the day with smart notification alerts. Read your messages on the go and get alerts for your social media accounts everything on your smartwatch without breaking a sweat.

  • Call notifications
  • Smart vibration motors
  • 3rd party app alerts
  • Call notifications
  • Smart vibration motors
  • 3rd party app alerts

Game on, anytime, anywhere

Loaded with 8 multisport games and fitness activities, the Crossbeats ACE gives you a versatile workout regime for any and all occasions. Precise tracking and GPS function along with in-detail display of calories burnt and health analysis lets you understand your body better.

  • 8 multisport loaded
  • Scientific detection
  • In-depth app analysis

Stay healthy on the go

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood pressure tracker
  • Breath training
  • Blood oxygen analyser

Fully fashion. Fully loaded.

Smart got smarter with the all stylish and feature loaded Crossbeats ACE overwhelming with unique fashion statements, be it the benchmark display or the dual color silicon band. Wear it to office or flaunt it on your casuals, ACE will steal limelight from the first glance itself.

For action round the clock

Tough carbon fibre texture with CNC process polishing gives the Crossbeats ACE a smart yet rigid body that can endure elements all through the day. This smartwatch is your true gym buddy and an outdoor companion who will take the beating and still keep ticking!

  • 5D carbon fibre glass
  • Micro sealed bezel

IP68 water & swim proof

Wear without worries, the ACE loves the beach, rain and the everyday water encounters and doesn’t shy away.

Style that never goes unnoticed

Over 250 custom watches faces are available on the DaFit smart app to personalize your look for the day. Screens with so much style, so much features and so much attitude that will make you feel like the Rockstar you are!



Tech Specs


3D hologram UI display


15 days

Battery standby

30 days

Multisport mode


In-built health trackers




Bluetooth version




Download User Manual

What’s in the box?

  • 1 X STRAP


You will be notified once you receive any new text message notification or social media alerts on your Smartwatch. Make sure your smartwatch is connected via Bluetooth to the smart app on your mobile phone. Also, enable notification alerts for specific app on the smart app.

The Crossbeats ACE and TRAK have a 15 days playtime with about 30 days of standby time. The IGNITE has 10 days playtime with 18 days of standby.

The ACE possesses a 3D hologram UI display, first in the segment. TRAK flaunts a HD IPS display and the IGNITE comes with a full touch IPS display. All these smartwatches have incredible display quality.

All the 3 watches come with IP68/3 ATM water resistivity. They can be used while swimming.

Yes, once the smartwatch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can control the music on the smartwatch.

All 3 smartwatches offer ample sports activities. ACE houses 8 sports mode, TRAK has 10 sports mode and IGNITE gets a 6 sports mode.

ACE and TRAK share the same line up of health trackers, which are Pedometer, Sleep monitor, HR tracker, Blood pressure monitor, SpO2 analyser and Breath training. On IGNITE you get to see all of them except the Breath training.

Yes, you can check your Blood oxygen (SpO2 levels) as well as Blood pressure rates on all the 3 smartwatches.

Yes, the GPS tracker however can be used only on the SmartApp in the outdoor running activity mode and not visually available on the smartwatch. NOTE: IGNITE does not have this function.

ACE uses the DaFit, TRAK uses the YFit, IGNITE uses our in-house app the CB Xplore

Yes, it can be changed on all the 3 watches.

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