5 Factors Affecting Wireless Earphone Price in India

5 Factors Affecting Wireless Earphone Price in India

Do you get the feeling people are spending more these days on wireless earphones? Well, you are not the only one, there is an obvious rise in wireless earphone price in India. But not just India, around the world, research shows that there is an approximately 20% increase in the retail price of headphones. Why is this? Let us take a look at these 5 reasons.

Increased Demand

This should be a no brainer for anyone who knows economics, if more people want them, then the wireless earphone price in India is going to go up. Of course, that would make you ask again why people want them so much, it is not as if we just discovered music. (or have we?) the reasons for increased demand will explain the reason people are paying more, but basically, the factors of demand and supply are at play.

Improved Durability

Not so long ago when we had wired earphones, it was not uncommon to end up with a pile of dead earphones at the end of the year, because they just kept getting spoiled and because they are cheap, we buy new ones, not realizing we are spending more in bits. Today, wireless earphones offer durability because for one thing you no longer have to worry about a wire snapping. There are also other features like water resistance and the material they are made from which makes them withstand impact. Today, when you pay more for wireless earphones, you know you will have them longer.

Better Sound Quality

Forget the old mentality that all earphones sound the same. These days, you get what you pay for. This is no guarantee that the more you pay the better the sound, but in most cases, that is a safe bet. Manufacturers are putting in more work to ensure you enjoy your music like you would in a studio. The bass is louder, the stereo is crisp and it comes compact in a small set of wireless earphones.

Earphones are Designed to Fit Our Lifestyles

You cannot help but appreciate how much thought goes into designing modern wireless earphones. Think of how they stay in your ears as you jog or do vigorous aerobic exercise. For people who are always on the move, they are light and small so it is easy to carry them around and then dig them out when you need them. They also do not just serve as listening devices, you can connect them to your phone and make calls. Numerous other lifestyle features make wireless earphones worth the extra spend.

More Goes Into Making Them

All the features that we appreciate need research, raw materials, and other resources to create great wireless earphones. The manufacturers are simply trying to recuperate all that goes into making the devices as well as reward everyone who takes part in creating that product that fits into your ears and helps you stay entertained, relaxed, connected, and happy.

So are we paying more for earphones these days? Yes! Is it worth the spend? If you enjoy good sound, it definitely is.

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