5 mythbusters about smartwatches

5 mythbusters about smartwatches

New technologies and innovations always rise the intrigue among the people, and the introduction of smartwatches has been no different. Wearable devices have consistently captivated tech lovers across all categories but customers are still split on the latest fully loaded smart devices that live as an extension to their everyday fitness regime. So, let’s debunk some of the most repeated public assumptions about smartwatches-

1. Low-Battery Life

The common perception of a smartwatch having a low battery life is truly misleading. Ever heard of smartwatch battery life lasting for 30 days? Yes, you heard it right. Over the years, smartwatch brands have developed enough powerful devices to kick out the battery concern forever. At Crossbeats, all smartwatches come with a battery life range from 10 to 30 days giving you the room of all the undone adventures.

2. Inaccurate fitness features

All smartwatches come with in-built health tracking applications like heart rate monitor, calorie counter, pedometer, sleep tracker, BP monitor and Spo2 level analyzers that helps in keeping a check on your vitals. The only concern here is, how accurate are they? These smart wearables however cannot be compared with medical devices but some of them still pull off a great job in mapping these metrics fairly.

3. Affordability

The key reason for people not buying smartwatches are the heavier price tags they come with. Most of you hunting for one might have come across vivid models on Amazon & other platforms, but making a wise decision here is quite tricky. Smartwatches that come with fully loaded features are pricy and the budget ones do not have those fancy features you are looking for, so where do we go? Here is where Crossbeats comes into the picture with value for money smartwatches that house futuristic features yet don’t cost a bomb!

4. Dependent on smartphones

Next time you slide your hand into the pocket to pick up your smartphone just to check the notification alert, you might as well want to just tilt your smartwatch towards you! Yup, the smartwatches don’t replace the smartphones entirely though but with notification alerts, fitness tracking and other important reminders, they do significantly reduce the human & phone interactions for the good.

5. Smartwatches are bulky

Watches are often known for their flamboyant looks but with the smartwatch innovation in progress the wearable device category has evolved. Let us help clear that illusion of smartwatches being bulky for you. Many brands have started using lighter internal components to make ultra-light smartwatches that are slim, sleek and sexy without being a burden on the wrist.

We believe we were able to debunk some of the major myths associated with smartwatches making it easier to buy one. So, go pick up your smart companion on Crossbeats and elevate your active living right away.

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