5 Practical uses of a smartwatch

5 Practical uses of a smartwatch

Technology never stops to amuse us, and its evolution has come a long way. Smartwatches may not be too new or old in the market as there are dynamic advancements and upgrades in the segment. When we want to pick a smartwatch for ourselves, we have multiple questions in the back of our head, making the buying decision strenuous.

But do you still need one? Take a look at the pointers and you’ll know for yourself if you need one and is it worth the investment?

1. Pick calls on the go

Digging into your pocket to find your smartphone and answering the calls can be doable as long as you are not riding a bike or occupied. But with Bluetooth voice calls on the smartwatch, it gets a lot easier to answer calls or dial one yourself.

2. Staying notified

Picking up your smartphones every time a notification pops up is kind off rude, with a smartwatch it’s just a wrist moment and a glance at what’s important and what’s not.

3.Health checks

Most smartwatches these days come with fully loaded health applications ranging from HR, BP, SPo2, Sleep and more. Having one on your wrist is a great way to stay updated about your vitals.

4. Workout partner

With gyms and training centres unavailable due to the pandemic, a smartwatch is your new best friend that can monitor your workout and map your results. Indoor or outdoor, smartwatches can measure workouts easily with in-built sensors.

5. Effortlessly stylish

Why wear the same watch all your life? Get a smartwatch and customize the screen and the straps as per your likes. This will brew fresh style everyday and make you feel great.

Smartwatches are great smart tech gadgets for the modern dwellers, everything on your phone can be easily accessed and it helps upkeep your health and fitness. Checkout the latest Orbit series from Crossbeats, the next gen smartwatches loaded with a plethora of features.

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