5 tips to hack your Insomnia buzz!

5 tips to hack your Insomnia buzz!

Restless nights and grumpy mornings have become quite frequent in normal human being's lives. Tossing and turning around all night, experiencing trouble sleeping from time to time have developed into a real obstacle. To manage your routine activities and work, enjoying adequate sleep is essential for your body and mind. Hence, we bring you 5 smart tips to solve your sleepless nights -

1. Set a schedule

Managing everyday hustle and bustle has become demanding, catching a night of good sleep has turned into a fantasy. Thus, it is very important to make a schedule or routine for your sleep cycle. Make it a point to go to sleep and wake up every day at the same time. This will not only just make your body feel refreshed and energized but equally develop a habit for your body to fulfil your daily demands accordingly.

2. Stick to a good diet

Binge-watching your favorite shows on OTT platforms often trigger your unhealthy eating habits. The culture of pulling Netflix all-nighters has become a recent phenomenon. But it is very essential to follow a proper diet for untroubled and robust sleep. Watching movies and shows late at night should be restricted to a certain limit. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol before sleep is extremely necessary. Try to grab a small nutritious snack like fruits or a nutrition bar if you’re feeling hungry late at night.

3. Exercise right, sleep tight

Often, vigorous workouts lead to deep and fast sleep but gentle stretching or taking a brisk walk for 10 minutes before going to bed can also help you achieve good sleep. Practicing yoga or trying meditation also helps your muscles relax and calm your mind. Therefore, make it a habit to exercise daily for better health and a hygienic lifestyle.

4. Sleep environment

It is often your near-by environment that causes restless and surly nights. More willingly, you have to find a solution to this obstacle. Seeking small details is very crucial, keeping your room clean, setting the same room temperature daily, making sure your bed is comfortable, and keeping the noise down are few things that can lead to a cozy sleep. Make sure next time you go to bed, don’t forget to keep an eye on details for a better good night's sleep.

5. De-stress

Waking up to a dreadful dream or thinking about your professional work can often rouse you up in the middle of the night. Thus, it is absolutely essential to de-stress your mind and body before you go to bed. Try to reduce your screen time by developing a reading habit or listing to calm music before going to sleep. Also, buying and keeping aromatic candles in your room can produce wonders. The pleasant soothing smell can aid you to relax and unwind your long day and help you fall asleep fast!

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