Are smartwatches worth it?

Are smartwatches worth it?

In the past 10 years, smartwatches have made leaps and bounds to become one of the most popular consumer tech products in the world. The reason is simple. The modern smartwatch is not just a device for telling time, it is a mini calculator, mini gps, mini smartphone, mini calendar and a fitness tracker in one device.

However there is a lot of noise out there on the benefits of smartwatches and even about the features that smartwatches come with. This blog will underline the main features that the modern smartwatches have along with addressing the common questions around them.

FAQ’s on smartwatches
1) Do smartwatches track heart rate?
A: Yes smartwatches can track vital features such as heart rate, SPO2, and blood pressure. To ensure accurate tracking, you need to strap the smartwatch on your wrist and access these modes.

However smartwatches cannot promise 100% accuracy. In cases where you feel sick, please consult a doctor for a final opinion. A smartwatch can only indicate a part of your vitals.

2) Can smartwatches track sleep?
A: Yes smartwatches can track sleep. They can give you a report on the amount of sleep you had during the night, as well as categorise it according to sleep stages such as REM, core and deep sleep.

3) Can smartwatches track hunger?
A: No smartwatches cannot track hunger. They can however help you set reminders for eating on time as well as calculate calories if need be, with their inbuilt calculator.

4) Can smartwatches track steps taken in a day?
A: Yes the smartwatches can track steps taken in a day. You can even set your daily step goal and check along the day to ensure that you stick to it. This is a very useful function for someone looking to have an active lifestyle.

5) Are smartwatches waterproof?
A: Not every smartwatch is  waterproof. Some of them come with IP67 or IP68 resistance which is useful against dust or if you are caught in light rain. However, keeping in mind the need for waterproof smartwatches, we launched the Armour Dive in 2023.

It is the first smartwatch in our segment that is waterproof or swimproof. It is water resistant up to 30 metres which makes it perfect for swimming in the pool. It also comes with a military grade casing which makes it durable and strong.

6) Can you store ebooks on a smartwatch?
A: On Ignite Nexus, which is our latest addition to our smartwatch collection, you can! You can store up to 10 books on the smartwatch and read on the go with the high quality 2.01 inch AMOLED screen.

7) Are smartwatches compatible with android and Iphone?
A: All our smartwatches are compatible with both IOS as well as android. Check FAQ’s on the product page on which app to install on your phone to sync with your smartwatch.

8) Are smartwatches good for health?
A: Yes, smartwatches are good for health. It is always beneficial to have a mini fitness and health tracker on your wrist that can give you instant feedback about your health or your workouts.

Some of our best smartwatches for health tracking are Armour Dive, Ignite S5, Ignite Stellr and Monarch.

Smartwatches are 100% worth it, especially in this day and age. You can unlock a ton of benefits for your health while simultaneously monitoring the intensity of your workouts. You can receive calls on the go, view your notifications without accessing your phone and even take it up a notch with features such as Chat GPT (available on the Ignie Nexus), GPS tracking (available on Ignite Atlas and Nexus) and more.

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