International Day of Happiness - #LoveForGadgets

International Day of Happiness - #LoveForGadgets

International Day of Happiness is a time to celebrate the joy and positivity that surrounds us every day. What better way to do that than by indulging in our love for gadgets? At Crossbeats, we believe that technology can make our lives happier and more fulfilling in countless ways. That's why we're celebrating this International Day of Happiness with a special hashtag - #LoveForGadgets!

 Here we are sharing the list of 5 best launches from Crossbeats that have been loved by millions and are still one of the bestsellers across our portfolio. 


1. ROAR - Put the World to Mute

 Bringing you world-class noise-canceling headphones from the house of Crossbeats. It is our first one, and the best one! With up to 30dB noise canceling and 60-200Hz bass compositions, this is a headphone waiting to Roar in its own silence. You get both Ambient and ANC mode on the headphone with preset equalizers to give you studio performance everywhere you go. #CutTheNoise 



2. Ignite S5 - Edge-to-Edge Display

 It’s a massive display, the fastest chipset, and a plethora of features, the Ignite S5 is certainly the evolutionary smartwatch you have been waiting for. Better than its predecessor, the S5 houses a 1.96” Super AMOLED screen, 500+ watch faces, plenty of smart features, and more.



 3. Shuffl - Groove and Hustle Along

 Live a little more – FREE! Shuffl, the perfect neckband created for the perfect Indian Youth. 13mm Booming bass systems, lightweight construction, 72 hours longer battery and all that you need for your everyday routine to make it much better!



  4. Ignite Grit

 It’s the heartthrob of the season! With a 1.75” AMOLED Display powered by RealHue TM and a resolution of 320*385 pixels we’ve given clarity a new definition. The diverse sports mode gives you 150+ ways to sweat it out! Rotating Crown, Bluetooth calling, AI health sensors and way more is what Ignite Grit has to offer!



 5. Revolt

 Revolt stands for Revolution, a TWS that houses world-class noise cancelling features yet produces remarkable audio quality using its 10mm Ti drivers. Best in class for its battery as well as comfort. Revolt is an everyday essential for the New Indian Urban Youth.





 Opting for a consumer tech product should be done solely based your lifestyle and usage. The above list has been curated keeping in mind the basic needs of every new Indian youth. Crossbeats has been constantly evolving, constantly tweaking, and keeping our eye on human behavioural trends, so we may be able to predict what the consumers would want next and deliver them before they want it.

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