Super cool summer gadgets you don’t want to miss

Super cool summer gadgets you don’t want to miss

Often summer heat can sap up your energy and zeal. This season might be different, with Covid-19 still looming around, many of us would be spending more of our leisure time indoors. Hence, we bring you super fantastic summer gadgets to enhance your productivity and tackle the hot weather comfortably. Check out these amazing smart gadgets for this summer season -

1. True wireless earbuds

Let’s face it, conference calls are rarely ever smooth and wired earphones make it worse. Rather than frying your brain in the scorching heat with these issues, find your own everyday true wireless companion at Crossbeats. And, what better than true wireless earbuds, these smart devices enable you to attend calls, binge watch, or attend office meetings from anywhere. Being small, compact, versatile, and easily portable makes TWS, one of the best smart devices to own this summer.

2. Portable projector

Whether you want to do business presentations or have a date night, a portable projector is an ideal device to make a mark. Easy to use and convenient to travel around with portable projector are wireless and light-weighed. You don’t have to worry about connecting or disconnecting the wires, and it can save a great deal of time for you. So, binge-watch your favorite shows and movies this summer season with a portable projector.

3. Smartwatch

If you’re looking for something flashy and trendy to flaunt around, then there is nothing superior to a smartwatch. It is everything you need on your wrist this summertime. Being miles ahead of the fitness tracker bands. It comes with voice-calling and all the health and fitness activity features. On top of that, it has a camera and music control system for an excellent user experience. You no longer need to take out your phone from the pocket every time to check the notification or any updates. Build for your non-stop hustle and bustle, grab a smartwatch and move effortlessly.

4. AI Air-conditioner controller

Is your Air-Conditioner struggling to keep your home cool? To fight those killing heat waves you’ll definitely require something smart and powerful and there is nothing more perfect than an AI-AC controller. The AI-AC controller supports Wi-Fi and is compatible with iOS/Android as well as other smart home devices. It automatically sets the temperature according to the environment. So, enhance the comfort of your home this summer with an AI-AC controller.

5. Smart-Pillow

Ever heard about the smart pillow? Yes, you heard it right. Loaded with smart features, smart-pillow is one of the best tech innovations of recent times. Be it tracking your sleep or listening to your favorite playlist while sleeping, a smart pillow has it all. Not only can you control it from anywhere but it gives insights about the sleeping patterns and improves your sleeping cycle. The soft and comfortable cushion makes it a perfect partner for sleeping. It also comes with an in-built snore-vibration feature, that gently encourages the sleeper to change his position to reduce the snoring.

We hope these super-awesome smart gadgets will help you fight this dreadful summer heat and make life easier.

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