Top 5 Earphones for your Noisy Office

Top 5 Earphones for your Noisy Office

From office commutes to long journeys, from gym workouts to run in the beach we have been living and breathing music along with these devices for a long time. Sometimes offices can get noisy and you will eventually lose focus. Be it the noisy client calls, team discussion, chatterboxes or your colleagues’ poor jokes…avoid them all with these top 5 earphones that are a perfect option for office goers.

The results were a combined research of IT employees in the Bangalore City. Over 87% of them admitted to using wireless earphones for music, calls and commute.

Here are the top picks by the public –

1. Plantronics HW251N SupraPlus Wideband

This over the ear wired earphone is a great deal for call centre executives who are busy glued to their seat for long hours. Comfortable foam and mic extension are the added advantage if you are considering to buy these Wideband.

Priced at approximately Rs 12000, this is an investment you must think through before making.

2. Sony WH-1000XM3

Call it luxury or call it show-off, you simply can’t stop flaunting these Sony over the ear headphones. They are pricy but worth every penny, which is why they are still the world’s best headphone when compared to other brands. They acoustics are simply amazing but however, they are quite big and maybe difficult to carry around everywhere.

Priced at Rs 23000 approximately, they are pretty premium and expensive to consider only for office use.

3. Crossbeats Urban

Latest entry that took the market by storm by going out of stock within the 5 days of it’s launch are these pretty looking Crossbeats Urban. Small yet powerful, these are the lightest weighing True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the country. Loaded with features such are Siri, Ok Google, inbuilt dual mic and carry case charger along with concert like sound quality makes this a steal deal any given day. Easiest to carry and the most stylish looking product.

Priced at just Rs 4999, they are the latest heartthrob for the audiophiles.

4.B&O Beoplay E8

Ok, you will need a lotta money in your bank before you even google about this product. The most elegant looking piece of art packed in a much more premium looking case is the B&O E8. Sure, does sound like the money it is worth but again, unless you are the CEO of a multinational company, why would you want these expensive pieces of True Wireless.

Priced approximately at Rs 48000, this is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea.

5. Crossbeats Vibe

Let’s talk basics. Wait, not exactly basic…the Crossbeats Vibe is a pure evolution of your own thoughts of a routine day at office. The calls, quick music for focus and a device that can stay on your neck for as long as you want…yes, the Crossbeats Vibe is a perfect neckband for the perfect office dude! Long battery, high grade silicon neckband design, intense bass effects and well what more do you want at this price?

Priced at less than Rs 3000, this is a neckband I would blindly invest in.

Fuel your passion with an incredible sounding earphones

Now everybody’s take at a pair of earphones will be different, discovering your true purpose with it and how much money you will want to invest in it is all that matters. In the end, good music always does heal, be it a boring day at work or the terrible morning traffic.

Switch to Crossbeats TWS range, for they provide the perfect blend of comfort, music, playtime and features for an active lifestyle. Driven by the passion for creating endless possibilities to accomplish every goal in life, Crossbeats is the ultimate music companion for every individual.

Check out other wireless earphones that can help you power your passion. These earphones are perfectly designed for the legend in you. #CrossbeatsExperience

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