Unlock newer health secrets this 2022

Unlock newer health secrets this 2022

Honestly, there is not much of a secret left in the world that health experts have not come across till date. But…the health, fitness, and medical experts are not giving up yet and are busy finding more ways to stay fit and healthy throughout the natural lifespan.

At Crossbeats, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and construct our products around the same theme to remain more purposeful in every consumer’s life. This year is no different from the previous one as we are still riding the pandemic. However, we can shine some light on the ‘healthy living spectrum’ and share a few opinions or facts today that have really helped our employees stay sane through this hardship.

It’s a new year and a new hope, so let’s refresh our healthy habits and do the right thing. Wondering where to start? Read on – 


1. Eat the right stuff

Yes, we know this point is beaten to death but tell us how serious are you about eating right? And how often do you compromise your diet for the lovely junk aka street food? Yup, we all fall for that delicious and less nutritious food. But here is how you can beat the cravings this year…

  • Detox – Yes, that’s one best way to kill the craving and maintain a better appetite.
  • Drink more – we STRICTLY mean WATER! Staying hydrated solves 60% of the problem.
  • Switch to baked not fried – Less oil, less messy!
  • Say no to SUGAR – That’s difficult but that’s the most important part of the diet. Lose the sugar and be sure to lose some pounds too.
  • Eat green, stay clean – Green and leafy veggies are great for the body and you will eventually be healthier and feel even lighter.

2. There is magic in the sleep

Little did we know that sleeping also burns calories…WHAT!!!! That’s true FYI. So next time you wish to crash the bed, don’t hesitate. Clocking 7-8 hours of sleep every day and maintaining regular bed timings are great health keepers

3. Feeling sloppy V/S feeling fit

Exercising is truly a pain in the wrong place…wait, almost in all places! But it indeed is the most important factor to burn off those excess calories you gained over the lockdown. Focus, plan, follow the regime, prove your grit and make it matter. Going to the gym isn’t the last resort, use some good online app to learn and workout every day with consistency. Keep a clean diet and that should get the job done.

Lastly, use some good tech stuff to help you sail through, grab some crazy earbuds, and stylish smartwatches, they’ll accompany you through the journey and motivate. Don’t know where to get them, check out our website

Cheers to staying healthy.
Now time for a chai...!!!!

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