What are the benefits of having a soundbar at home?

What are the benefits of having a soundbar at home?

A soundbar is a portable elongated speaker, that is the perfect alternative to people who are looking to recreate a home theatre setup at home, without putting in a lot of speakers across the room.

These speakers come with a unique design that allows it to create a mini soundfield in and around the environment that it is placed in. They have inbuilt subwoofers, amplifiers and bass systems, which are factors that help in delivering great quality sound.

Here are some of the advantages that come with using a soundbar. And a soundbar buying guide for anyone looking to start with one at home.

While building a home theatre setup at home, one has to work on placing the speakers at strategic points across the room. These may be next to the TV, behind the sofa or even on the edge of the ceiling for a complete surround sound experience.

However, this becomes a hassle to fine tune when there are either a lot of people watching in a room, because you run the risk of people tripping on wires, connection delays and more.

With just having one soundbar as your main speaker, you can place the device anywhere in your room and get the best of sound, from whatever you are watching.

Multipurpose Access: 
With a portable soundbar, you can use the speakers in whatever way you deem fit. You can connect the speakers to your phone through bluetooth and play music, you can put in a pen drive or even connect to FM radio.

Multiple Uses:
Apart from using the soundbar for TV while watching a movie, tv show or any sporting events, you can use the soundbar as a portable bluetooth speaker as well.

From the house of Crossbeats, our signature soundbar Blaze has a playtime of 8 hours and customisable RGB lights that allows you to keep the party going wherever you are.

Cost Efficient:
While trying to set up a proper home theatre setup, there are a lot of costs to be considered apart from the main speaker. There is a cost of extra wires, soundproofing, and also adaptability in terms of placing the furniture around the room.

 Apart from that there is also the cost of setting up the speakers itself. Each of them come with an additional price and with different dimensions. It can be a hassle to purchase each of them and setting it up.

Also while dealing with multiple speakers, there is sometimes the issue of sync when they are far apart which can be quite tough to deal with while watching a movie.

For this, the soundbar is the perfect and more cost efficient alternative. Our flagship product blaze is the portable speaker that you need.

Priced at ₹1699, this soundbar at low price has surround sound audio, inbuilt subwoofers with 24W Dynamic Drivers and 43mm Dual Bass systems

It also allows you to pair your TWS and listen along, with its multiport connectivity.


If you are looking for a soundbar to really upgrade your viewing experience at home, Crossbeats Blaze is the way to go. With precision engineering, and a freedom of control like no other, never let the beat drop.

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