What to expect from smartwatches in 2023 and Beyond

What to expect from smartwatches in 2023 and Beyond

Smart Wearables are the most sought IOT gadgets to look out for in 2022. With constantly advancing technology allowing companies to deliver to the consumers’ demands, the craze is only going up from here.

There has been a huge shift in people’s lifestyles in the last year owing to the pandemic, which has fueled people’s interests in at-home healthcare and fitness. Smartwatches have proven to accelerate just that among the common crowd and with millions of people eyeing ‘the next big thing', some wild predictions are bound to rise.

Here’s a glimpse into the future of smartwatches, (2023 and beyond) —

1. Not a Luxury, but a Necessity

The smartwatch takeover has begun, with the clan expanding at the rate of 20% every year. That’s about 100 million watches more than last year. This naturally adds a new perspective to the wearables market, pushing watchmakers to upgrade their technologies, while reducing their costs to keep up with demand and accessibility.

The good news is that you might see a trend in dropping prices as smartwatches transition from being just another cool gadget to a necessity. They will also come with an in-built internet connection, location tracking, a front-facing camera, and many more smart features to increase their daily convenience.

2. Prolonged Battery Life

Smartwatches are designed to be worn all day and have their perks in almost every task we do. The most obvious priority of such a device should very well be, yes you guessed it – its battery life.

Companies want their users to be able to use their watches as designed. With the increasing functionalities of these wearable devices, developers are put under a certain pressure to skyrocket their battery lives, which could be observed in the upcoming models. Users will be able to interact with multiple apps with real-time monitors running in the background for longer periods.

3. Personal & Stylish

The demands are flowing in, and it’s looking pretty! With their sustainability being in question, smartwatch manufacturers are stepping up their game in the looks department. For all-day comfort and functionality, and of course, style, a more compact and sleeker model would allow the users to wear it for longer. A comfortable feel will allow them to wear it more often, and their increased practicality will keep them wanting for more.

Wearables, in time, could even be thread-like or invisible! But for now, you’ll probably see a more everyday look to it with the emphasis going more towards personalization like a smoother UI and lighter build in hopes to truly optimizing the experience.

4. More to work with

Smartwatch manufacturers have gotten the go on their sensor technology, you know what that means – more advanced and diverse smart features. Users are looking forward to their wearables being more automated and comprehensive, taking into account health, fitness and lifestyle data into a complete body analysis.

Sources predict that smart wearables will be more efficient with motion detection technology getting diverse, and GPS trackers and NFC payments becoming more common, very soon.

5. Serious Health Monitoring

With a lot of the old folks depending on wearable trackers, manufacturers are getting more serious about the health monitors included in their products. It is expected that future health monitoring on smartwatches will be medically graded to ensure their accuracy and consistency.

You can expect newer features like overnight oxygen monitoring, automatic menstrual tracking, and sleep apnea and diabetes detectors right at your wrist, the focus being on the safety and precision of every measure.


Smartwatches are nowhere close to their final form, and with fueling demands and technological advancements, all the tech geeks and fitness enthusiasts worldwide are in for a treat! What are your future predictions about smartwatches? Tell us in the comments below.

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