These past few weeks, we have been navigating unchartered waters, just as most of you have been. Covid-19 has rattled the whole world and millions are drenched in fear. Our hearts goes out to those who are impacted by Coronavirus. It is time that we together fight through this chaos until we resume our happy normal days.

Despite the effects COVID-19 has had on all of us, Crossbeats’s mission has never been clearer. To inspire others to live healthy, happy lives and to never stop pursuing their dreams. We are committed to continue providing the essential products you need to stay active and maybe more importantly, stay comfortable during these uneasy episodes.

Each day we are carefully balancing our commitment to providing the best service to our customers with a safe and healthy place for them to explore. We are putting our best effort towards creating a safe environment for everyone, including you. We recognize that we are stronger as a team, and it is our goal to provide help and support to those in our community.