2019 Gift Guide for Father's Day

2019 Gift Guide for Father's Day
Want to surprise your dad this Father’s Day?  

Your Superman needs a special treatment on his special day, maybe a special Gift too!

Here are our top gadget picks that will totally surprise your father. Don’t miss the 3rd gift, your dad will totally love it! Oh, and the last one is the showstopper in the list!

1. For the Dad who lives off the edge !

Walking the dog in the morning? Going for a jog? Catching up with old folks in the park or maybe still hitting the gym…your dad needs to measure his fitness levels to live the active life.

The perfect gift on this Father’s Day to compliment the fitter side of your dad would be to gift him a Fitness tracker smart wearable.

Checkout the coolest Fitness Trackers

2. For the Dad who's got style!

Are the apartment ladies still jaw dropping at your dad? Yeah, maybe he is the coolest dude out there!

Compliment his style and gift your dad the coolest hair clipper available in the market. With that, he can up his style a notch higher and of course the fan following will keep building. You can also consider gifting a combo of Beard Care Essentials if your father is the beard guy.

Here is where you can check the best hair clippers available

3. For the Dad who likes to carry his own tune!

 Be it watering the plants, cooking in the kitchen or the weekend barbecue party, if your dad loves to tap his feet while he does what he loves, gift him the perfect music companion that he can carry around everywhere he goes.

Crossbeats Dynamite is the perfect fit, housing a strong built quality with a long lasting battery.

Explore the Crossbeats Dynamite

4. For the Dad who loves reading!

 Yes, we see them reading newspapers most of the times.

But if your father is too cool for life and loves reading stuff online and surfing, then gift him a Tablet, a perfect carry anywhere gadget that will help him keep a tab on everything he loves to read.

Check out the Coolest tablets for 2019

5. For the Dad who is often on the rush!

 If your father likes to keep things simple yet stylish, someone who is often in the rush, then he definitely needs a gadget that can catch up with his speed.

Crossbeats Elektra can be the best option in this category, it is a True Wireless Bluetooth earphones and India’s first dual driver setup. Built with Beryllium, it is strong and totally waterproof with IPX67 backed by a reliable voice command enabled feature.
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Crossbeats Elektra

Celebrate every day, every moment, every fraction.
This Father’s Day fall in love with where your life started and give your Father the special gift he deserves.

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