Wireless Earphones - Myth Busters

Wireless Earphones - Myth Busters

There are no accurate number of questions an average person can ask in a day, some are soul awakening, some are complicated while some are extremely hilarious. We want to answer some of the popular questions people have in their minds and help them arrive at a solution that they can digest. NOTE – These questions were asked by real human beings out of curiosity and if you find anything funny feel free to laugh loud because our earphones do have passive noise cancelling! So, let’s start –

1. Can Earbuds cause ringing in the ears?
What we think – Honestly, the type of audio quality that is produced by your earphones matter the most here. Most regular earphones after a certain level of volume becomes loud and distorted causes fluctuation in the vacuum level and sound nodes, this can cause temporary buzzing or ringing of the eardrums if you disconnect the music suddenly. Probably a Solution – Use the Crossbeats passive noise cancelling earphones. They have intelligent decibel-controlled drivers that will produce volumes with crisp audio to enjoy the music you want at it’s best.

2. If used long, will these earphones cause Vertigo?

What we think – Ok, this is serious stuff now! I have never heard of anyone suffering a Vertigo by using earphones (Maybe excessive use can trigger Vertigo) but Dizziness…Yes! It can cause dizziness when used for long hours with high levels of Volume. Probably a Solution – Too much loud music for long hours is never healthy. Enjoy music in your best comfort, don’t get carried away by the beats.

3. What if I dropped my earphones in Washer?
What we think – It’s very unfortunate, we are very sorry! But life goes on, you have to move on! Probably a Solution – You must have bought the Crossbeats Wave or Crossbeats Elektra, they are water-babies and love to get cleaned every once in a while.

4. Can i sing like Arijit Singh with these earphones?

What we think – I know, when we picked this question from the Online portal, we were as disappointed as you were! The fact is NO! Nobody other than Arijith Singh himself can sing like the Singh! Definitely not a Solution – If you still insist, you might need Auto-tuner, Sound mixers, 15 years of experience and a brave heart!

5. Can i use wireless earphones on Airplane?
What we think – Ok, there are a few airplanes that allows their passengers to use Bluetooth devices such as earbuds unless they are not cellular activated. Probably a Solution – It’s best you check with your Airlines partner before carrying any Bluetooth Devices.

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