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5 Fitness Mistakes you’re making right now

5 Fitness Mistakes you’re making right now

Has the pandemic gotten in the way of you and the gym? Or are you struggling to make progress despite your efforts? Most of us don’t have a personal trainer or a dietician to guide us through our routine, and that’s where the internet comes in handy.

Here are 5 Fitness mistakes you’re probably making right now, AND how to fix them. We don’t want those fire workouts to go in vain now, do we?!

1. Don’t Forget- You’re human

Unfortunately, you’re not Superman. Your body has limits, and it can only take so much before you end up injuring yourself. It’s your job to pay attention and make the best choices so you don’t regret it the next day.

Set goals as per your body, lifestyle, diet, and stick to them, unless it’s a go from your trainer to modify them. Giving yourself unrealistic targets only demotivates you when you can’t reach them, and if you do, it might not be the best thing for your body.

2. Don’t beat yourself up too hard

You can’t binge on Netflix and snacks and expect a killer performance the next day. Your body needs its fuel to do so. Add those proteins and supplements to your diet. Pre-plan your meals so it’s easier to follow through.

And REST. We can’t stress this enough. Sleep triggers growth hormones that help in athletic recovery. Monitoring your quality of sleep with a sleep tracker can do wonders for your health. After all, you can’t make changes if you don’t know where you’re going wrong.

3. Slow down!

If you work out like you have a train to catch, please stop. We know workouts can be hard but compromising on technique and form, means compromising on results. You must make sure your muscles are performing at their peak, and the way to do that is by truly engaging them.

Correct your form, time your reps well and all will be well.

Take your time with it! It’s better to master your moves first instead of doing it wrong for the 100th time. Might save you from being an odd spectacle at the gym, too.

4. So close but so far

It’s cute to expect results overnight, but you will be disappointed. Fitness is a process. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, put on mass, or maintain where you are, tracking your fitness progress is an essential part of your journey.

Once you start, you’ll notice positive changes like more efficient gym time, easier modifications, better accountability, and even reach your targets quicker than expected.

You’ll be happy to do this on our newest creation, the Orbit X Smartwatch, made for dynamic fitness tracking.

5. You’re not being mindful

Following a strict diet and routine can get hectic. The stress makes you fall back into old habits which in turn halts your progress and makes you hate your guts by the end of it. Break this toxic cycle. Take it easy on yourself and be mindful about your workouts.

This way, you’ll be way more satisfied and consistent, and will even bring purpose to your workouts. Always remember to slow down, breathe right, and end your workouts on a good note. After all, people who do yoga are basically winning in life.

No matter how great your routine is, if you go wrong with the basics, you can say ta-ta to your ideal body. Take care of yourself and ask for help when needed.

Crossbeats offers smart fitness and health trackers that’ll keep you in check. Sounds like something you could use?

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