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5 Ways our technology supports the specially abled

5 Ways our technology supports the specially abled

When we started our company, we wanted to find tech solutions for everyone. Unfortunately, accessibility isn't so common.

Today, we're bringing you products that cater to everyone, even the specially abled. With a ton of research methodologies and tests we figured what was necessary to include and perfect and now, we want to show you how we can make a difference in your lives if you're specially abled or know someone who is.

We understand that convenience to us, means being independent to you.

1. Voice controlled


You can be as capable as anyone when you have technology on your side. Engineers all over the world have always tried to make accessibility more achievable for everyone. We set out to do the same with our voice-controlled smartwatches. With Smart Voice Assistants that could guide a visually-impaired person with certain tasks and clever voice controls that could attend to you in a jiffy, these watches are designed to be your personal assistant when you need it. Just ask it.

2. SOS


Crimes and accidents are bound to happen, and the specially abled are at a higher risk of being victims of violence or physical distress. But fear shouldn't hold them back from living their life to the fullest. The specially abled can now get the same opportunities in life with proper care and safety measures. Our smartwatches come with SOS calling where you can dial any of your chosen emergency contacts in case of in danger. The Bluetooth calling feature will let you make instant calls so no time is wasted in a crisis.

3. Advanced health tracking is now possible


One of the biggest breakthroughs in technology ever was the addition of accurate health sensors to smartwatches. They let you keep up with your daily vitals and help you make informed decisions about your body. Ever heard of the phrase, "Better late than sorry"? That's exactly our point. Reduce your risks by knowing what's going on with your body through the health analysis report. When you can spot the problem, fixing it gets easier. So the next time you feel like something's off, instead of brushing it away just glance at your watch screen to find out what might be wrong. Ignoring the subtlest health signs could allow disasters to unfold.

4. Smart Active Reminders


Nothing wrong with needing reminders for important tasks or a habit you're just getting used to. People with dementia or other neurological disorders often forget to take their medications on time, or forgetting that one thing they had to do that day. You don't have to depend on anyone for that when you have a smart gadget to do it for you, so you never miss a beat. Our upcoming launch, the Orbit X brings this home. Get sedentary reminders for your health, fitness or upcoming meetings. Have the voice assistant read them out for you too!

5. Anti-lost


Worried about losing your phone all the time? Well, don't be. Our anti-lost feature will remind you of your smartphone anytime you step out of its proximity zone. This way you'll never leave it behind and can go about your days carefree. People with memory setbacks will definitely appreciate this feature and how it saves you from all the frantic searching later on. Now you can spend that energy elsewhere.

Moreover, our TWS Earbuds and smartwatches can connect to any supported Bluetooth device and simplify the way you get about your day.

For any queries, reply below. Let our smartwatches make things easy. Check out our catalogues for more!

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