5 Must have True Wireless Gadgets in 2020

5 Must have True Wireless Gadgets in 2020

With the new calendar comes newer goals and newer resolutions…but are you wondering how to follow them at least this year? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Every year millions of us make new resolutions, most of it running towards a healthy living but only 23% of us end up reaching the goals.

Let’s chase our old resolutions in a newer style and with a much wider perspective. Hitting the health goals being the topmost priority, here are some must-have wireless gadgets you will need to power your goals in 2020. Read on –

1. Smart Shoes

Call this an innovation revolutionizing the footwear industry, the smart shoes are definitely game on! From measuring athletic performance to signs of progress in fitness, the smart shoes can keep a count on your health metrics just like any other fitness gadget. Nike, Under Armour and Digitsole are the table holders of this segment. This might not be a product for all, but it certainly is one hell of a product. Note – Sounds expensive? Of course, it is! But yeah, worth every penny!

2. Fitness Band

Yup, it’s pretty basic by 2020 but wait, there are always upgrades. Fitness bands are equipped with a pedometer, heart rate monitor, calorie tracker and many other functionalities that gets a fine facelift periodically. So, it’s time to get yourself the perfect fitness band and take to the tracks. Fitbit, Mi, Honour, Xiaomi, and many other brands have taken your fitness to consideration…now do something good for yourself. Hey – Jot down your actual use case and then find a band that is equipped with all the features. This will save you from spending on the wrong bands that you don’t really need.

3. Wireless Earbuds

How can you work out without some ‘eye of the tiger’ and ‘final countdown’ to pump your adrenaline? But all that adrenaline needs a source, a source that delivers the message much powerfully to your brain. Both Wireless and True Wireless earphones are the game-changers here, they provide wireless freedom to go the extra mile. Crossbeats, here, has quite a few collections that will supply all the goodness and real music experience without breaking a sweat. P.S. But you need to sweat it out to get ripped!

4. iPad/Tablet

Alright, too much of health-conscious gadgets? Fine, now for some entertainment, get your hands on the latest tablets or the iPad Pro so you can binge-watch your favourite Netflix series. Just kidding! Tablets/ iPad is great when put to actual use, watching videos on the go without straining your eyes, to read e-books and also finish pending office presentations on the go. Free Tip – Pair it with the Crossbeats Dynamite and drown in true entertainment.

5.Wireless Charging Pad

Ok, why not? It’s 2020 and you can definitely give your office table a facelift and yes, make your travel easier too. The Wireless Charging Pad proves to be a great companion that fits easily into your travel bag and on the other hand, makes your office table less messy. The Crossbeats Turbo Wireless Charger is currently the topmost quality you can get in the market, charges fast, looks sleek and designed to turn heads. Go get yourself one. Feeling – we have decided to free you from the constraints of wires and set your phones free.

Google Home, Echo Dot, Philips smart sleep light therapy lamp, Portable power banks from Anker and many others to be labelled as honourable mentions.
All of these interesting products are presented to you from our lazy but tech-savvy marketing heads who have been in love with these products for long. Stay tuned with us for more interesting content this year.

Drop us your resolution for the year and share some tips with others on how to stay consistent and committed to their New Year Resolutions. For Crossbeats products, check the link – www.crossbeats.in

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