How to pick the right earphones that suits your lifestyle?

How to pick the right earphones that suits your lifestyle?

Music has always been the way of life to every one of us, since forever! Different instruments, different devices, different mediums and, different genres.
With so many audio products flooding the markets, are your still not finding the best earphones to listen to your favourite song in the finest effects?

Well, let us help you find that perfect music soulmate of yours –

1.Perfect Fit

The first and the foremost thing to be looked carefully into is the fitting of the earphone. It is important for the earphones to fit into your ear perfectly, it could be an in-ear earphones or even an over-the ear earphones. If it doesn’t fit you well, it’ll cause discomfort within a few hours of usage. Make sure the earphones come with additional accessories like extra pair of silicon tips with different sizes.

See what Experts are saying about the fit for Crossbeats Earphones and their Athletic Fit.

2.Technical Specifications

Earphones do come with different technical specifications that vary the sound delivery. Other components such as driver size, tube placements, Bluetooth version and more adds to overall earphones character. If you are using the latest version earphones then you might be loaded with all the features, if not, its time to upgrade!

All Crossbeats Products have futuristic features like BT 5.0 and soundpass mode

3.Sound Configurations

The sound drivers, they are the most important component of any speaker system. The single drivers, dual drivers, quad core drivers and supposing many more are yet to come. These drivers along with pre-set equalizers will elevate the sound quality in terms of clarity and decibels in order to produce the finest music.

Experts Verdict – Crossbeats Elektra is the country’s first TWS Dual Drivers earphones

4.Build Quality

Now we are not talking about anything luxurious, the earphones need to have a good casing and preferably an IPX6 version at least to save you on the rainy day. Making a carry case available that’s portable and convenient is an added bonus. Most earphones the TWS ones these days come with chargeable carry cases, and some earphones/speakers with shock-proof features.

Experts Verdict – Crossbeats Earphones come with Micro Seal Technology and greater IPX protection.

5.What's the Occasion

So, this point totally depends on the type of person you are. If you are an athlete, then pick an earphone that has good battery, water-proof features and that’s totally wireless. If you are a corporate guy, the TWS earbuds that’s light yet powerful with pretty decent battery can be purposeful for you. Now if you are the music guy, then make sure you choose an earphone with the powerful driver to enjoy your music at its best.

Experts Verdict – Crossbeats range fits perfectly for all types of lifestyle.

Experts Verdict

Crossbeats range of TWS Bluetooth earphones has been a favourite since 2016, Crossbeats also has won the IF Awards for the best design and finish. With features like Dual Drivers, Intelligent Smart Pairing and unmatched micro level water resistance has made Crossbeats one of the fewer products in the country and maybe the only one that stands out tall and loud!

At Crossbeats, we have been designing and producing tailor-made music wireless earphones that not only is comfortable, futuristic, durable and economical but also something that really does evoke one’s soul to relive an adventure called LIFE

Take your Crossbeats Wireless Bluetooth Earphones and enjoy music limitless.

At Crossbeats, our products help you live the future.

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One earbud is not getting on,what to do. Recent I buyed the product like one week back

Pragyan Rath

Pragyan Rath

Good listening quality with waterproof ,sports free sound I like



Which Model is the latest one and which has the advanced features. Please update

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