5 Must-Haves Earphones for Working from Home – Is Having TWS Earbuds Very Important?

5 Must-Haves Earphones for Working from Home – Is Having TWS Earbuds Very Important?
  1. Monoaural Earphones

Monoaural earphones, as the name suggests, offer audio output only to one ear. Typically, these earphones also feature high-quality microphones. People who need to speak on the job continually can benefit from these monoaural earphones. These earphones are preferred by many professionals because –

  • They can listen to themselves talk while on Zoom meetings.
  • Monoaural earphones with noise-canceling feature blocks out most sound other than the user's voice.
  • Parents who need to keep one ear on what their kids are doing can benefit from using monoaural earphones.

But these one-sided earphones tend to start causing pain and swelling to the ears after long periods of use. That's why monoaural earphones must be equipped with robust boom mics, crisp sounds, and cost-effective price tags. The monoaural earphones that offer these features, in addition to having phone connectivity features (via Bluetooth), are trendy amongst work from home professionals who take calls all the time.

  1. Truly Wireless Earbuds

In recent years, high-quality TWS earbuds in India have become extremely popular amongst professionals. That's because these new and advanced earphones feature amazing Bluetooth technology and are compatible with most devices.

Truly wireless earbuds are preferred by work from home professionals because -

  • The sound that TWS earbuds produce is just a good as the sounds produced by over-the-ear headphones or standard wired earphones.
  • The best TWS earbuds come with audio features like bass boosting and noise cancellation.
  • Working from home is stressful, and the absence of wires makes things a lot easier. People can operate in a hands-free manner. They don't need to stay too close to their computers while taking calls. Nor do they need to detangle wires while working.
  • These earbuds look practical and stylish.
  • It's easier to provide voice assistant support while on the move.

The average set of TWS earbuds provides five-six hours of playtime; the ones that come with charging cases offer more. It's impossible to go wrong with TWS earbuds while working from home.

  1. Standard Wired Earphones

Standard wired earphones are only worth purchasing if they feature noise-cancelling features. Standard earphones are preferred by some work from home professionals because –

  • They're designed to fit comfortably in ears.
  • They're cheap. 
  • They're easily replaceable.

Overall, standard wired earphones are going extinct as more and more work from home professionals are using TWS earbuds.

  1. Over-the-Ear Earbuds  

Professional music producers typically prefer Over-the-ear earphones. When buying these types of listening devices, users need to make sure they come with -

  • Integrated controls
  • Adjustable headbands
  • Soft foam earpads for comfort

Purchasing lightweight over-the-ear earbuds does make life comfortable. But, users aren't free to move around as much as they are while wearing TWS earbuds.

  1. Gaming Earphones

Gaming earphones cost a bomb! Only people who game intensively (apart from working from home) should opt for these high-priced listening devices. Gaming earphones with no Active noise cancellation (ANC) features offer low-quality sound output. The flow of sound can get muffled by external noises like pets, kids, and traffic.

These are our top 5 recommendations for the five must-have earphone types if you are working from home. !

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