Things to do while staying indoors this Diwali

Things to do while staying indoors this Diwali

Let’s face it. This year isn’t exactly like the years before. And while there’s a festive spirit in the air, uncle Covid hasn’t really said goodbye to us yet. Which means that while we may be tempted to go out and socialize and burst crackers and indulge in a zillion card games, perhaps it’s a better option to reduce socializing to a minimum if we can help it, and stay indoors instead. But that’s easier said than done, we understand. Because home is boring right? Well, not quite. Because what we’ve done is curated a cute little list for you of some of the things you could do with your family indoors.

Here are some fun activities to keep you busy indoors-

1. Psych!

You’ve heard of Ellen DeGeneres, the comedy star and TV host. Did you also know that she’s the woman behind a super fun app that’s awesome to play during family get together and parties? It’s simple. All you have to ask everyone is to download the app from either the Apple app store or the Android Playstore. There are tons of cards on the app, so you can pretty much spend an entire day playing all of them. The whole objective of the game is to fool (or psych) the other players, so the more you psych people, the higher your score. You’re not going to regret playing this game, trust us.

2. DIYas

Diwali goes hand in hand with diyas. But what if, this Diwali, we didn’t buy them from the store, and instead made them from scratch at home? DIY diyas are a perfect activity for the family, and one that’s perfect for your Instagram feed. While you’re free to look up different videos for this on YouTube. The good part is, it’s ecofriendly, it’s playful and it brings the family together.

3. Upcycle your jeans

Every single person has that old pair of jeans lying around the cupboard that’s never worn. And we don’t throw it out either because it has some sentimental value. But think of it this way. What if we told you that there was a way in which you could upcycle your pair of jeans into a beautiful denim jacket for the winter? Upcycling is a concept that’s catching on very quickly around the world. What it basically means is that instead of throwing away certain things, we play around with them and turn them into different products completely. It’s great for the environment, and it’s going to give you a chance for a fashion makeover. All you have to do is take out an old pair of jeans and watch this video. Everything is super simple on it, and you’ll see why it’s so much of fun.

4. Magic!

It’s card season. But the possibility of playing card games is low. So, we thought, why not immerse ourselves into another activity we could do with cards? Yup, we’re talking about card magic tricks. Turns out it’s not that difficult. All you need is a deck of cards, an internet connection (to learn the tricks) and an audience you can perform in front of. Suitable for all ages, these tricks are a great way to kickstart a party, or just spend a fun evening at home. While there are plenty of card tricks on the internet, we thought we’ll start you off with just 3 simple, easy-to-do tricks-here.

5. House party

Everyone’s social distancing. Well, the smart people are anyway. Which is why we thought we’ll introduce you to a smart app called House party. Available on both Android and Apple, this app allows you to have a digital party with strangers on the internet. There are games you can play together like Pictionary, Scrabble, and of course, just talk as well. You have to enable your webcam though. So put something nice on, switch on some bright lights, some candles, and have yourself a social distancing House party this Diwali!

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