5 Reasons that makes Nexus a watch from the FUTURE

5 Reasons that makes Nexus a watch from the FUTURE

Every tech company in the world, while announcing their products, has used the tagline ‘The Future is Here’ once in their lifetime. The tagline, which was used to describe mostly tech products has now become commonplace among any business, or any simple innovation to a product. 

Since our inception, we have always been about bringing in innovation with our products, and kept up to date with introducing new innovations into the market. Our team was one of the first brands to bring in cutting edge technology such as ANC in our headphones and earbuds, and AMOLED in our smartwatches. 

However with our latest product, we have tapped into the future to bring in some never seen before features. 

We launched Crossbeats Nexus with the main mission to incorporate the best features we have ever had with a smartwatch, along with a few tweaks we believed were necessary in a smartwatch. As a brand that has been about pushing the boundaries of tech forward, our team is always looking for how we can make the end user experience better. 

Here are some of the innovations we made: 

Chat GPT on a smartwatch:

If there is an innovation that has ruled our world in the last year, it has been Chat GPT. Apart from the regular prompt answers the tool helps out with, there are also multiple benefits to it. 

You can use Chat GPT to plan an entire itinerary for a trip, use it to solve complex mathematical problems or even learn more about the world in the manner you see fit. 

With a tribute to the same tool, we decided to bring the app into our latest smartwatch. The world of Chat GPT is just one voice command away with the Ignite Nexus. 

Dynamic Island:

When Apple introduced Dynamic island in all their latest IOS devices in 2022, the world was in awe. With dynamic island, notifications became easier to handle, and it allowed people to do more on their phone, not to mention it gave a sleek look to the operating system 

With the Nexus, we brought in dynamic island to allow you to do the same, on your watch. You can access message notifications while taking calls, or navigate through reminders during workouts. 

This is the first watch in the segment to have this integrated. 

Ebook Reader:

No we are not kidding! With a storage capacity of up to 10 books, the Nexus comes with an inbuilt ebook app that allows you to read on the go. The huge 2’1 inches screen and the full AMOLED display gives you better visibility. 

GPS Navigation:

Paired with Mactive pro app, you can use the Nexus as a mini navigator, giving you all the information you need when you are on the road. The inbuilt compass and altimeter is the perfect companion to your adventure. 

Our Biggest Screen (Yet):

With a 2’1 HD AMOLED Display, the Nexus brings beautiful visuals to life. With a full touch display and multiple customisable watchfaces, you can show off your style the best way you know how. With an always on display enabled, you can use the watch as a sleek bedside clock too. 

Apart from these reasons, the Nexus comes with a ton of health features including SPO2, Blood Pressure monitor, Sleep tracking, meditation mode, female health tracking and more. You can choose between 100 plus workouts, and also track your real time progress. 

The Nexus is now available for a special price of 4999 and it is the perfect gift for the upcoming festive season. 

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