What Factors should one keep in mind while buying a smartwatch?

What Factors should one keep in mind while buying a smartwatch?

In the third quarter of 2022, India surpassed both China and US, to become the largest smartwatch market in the world. The year on year growth for our country was estimated to be at 167% which is even higher than countries such as the US and China. 

The amount of smartwatch shipments to India came up to around 12.8 million, which was almost a double from the previous quarter. It is a very common sight to see people with smartwatches of different brands when you are commuting, at the gym or even at your office. 

Each quarter, brands in the market are always pushing the envelope to make better smartwatches for men and smartwatches for women. For us here at Crossbeats, we have always strived to provide the latest technological advancements with wearables. 

With features such as AMOLED Display, GPS Navigation, BT Calling and even features such as dynamic island and Chatgpt with our latest smartwatch Ignite Nexus. 

If you are someone who is starting on their smartwatch journey, here are a few parameters you must consider before buying a smartwatch. We have a few tailored recommendations for these parameters that will help you move into this journey with ease.


If you are someone who is looking for a device that can track your daily steps and the calories burnt during a workout, then a smartwatch with a great battery life, and good build is the perfect fit for you.

From our range of products, Armour Dive would be the perfect fit for you. It has a military grade build, a 1’43 inches AMOLED Display and a battery life of up to 15 days. It also has a gorilla glass build, and it is the only smartwatch in our collection that is 100% swimproof.



A well designed smartwatch, can also help you complement your style and look. Keeping the essence of style in mind, our smartwatches are designed to keep up with your trendy outfits.

Out of the smartwatches for men, the Ignite S5 and Ignite Nexus are the perfect complements for your casual outfits. If business formal is your outfit, our business smartwatch Monarch and the very sophisticated Apex Regal is the upgrade your look needs.

In terms of smartwatches for women, our newest Crossbeats Diva is the elegant addition you need! This luxury timepiece comes embedded with 36 precious stones, a full metal bezel and a ton of smart features. For your casual outfits, Ignite Stellr is the perfect combination.

Health Tracking:

Since the time of the pandemic, a healthy mind and body has taken precedence over everything. A smartwatch can come in handy here as well, helping you track the vitals such as SPO2, Blood Pressure, Sleep, Heart Rate Etc.

Our watches also come inbuilt with a meditation mode which can help you take the breather you need between the day.

The best watches for tracking your health are Monarch, Apex Regal, Aura and Hustl.

Watches such as Nexus and Diva also come with features such as female health tracking which can be highly beneficial.



Smartwatches help it easier to stay in touch with your world. With features such as bluetooth calling, message alerts, reminders and calendar access, it is possible to get all the information you need without even picking up your phone.

The best smartwatches for this are Ignite Nexus, Monarch, Aura and Ignite S5



 If you are looking to make a smartwatch purchase, it is important to make proper use of it as well, and maintain the device. You should equip it with a screen protector and change the straps so it can be used for a longer period of time.

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