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Experience Wireless Freedom with Crossbeats Turbo

Experience Wireless Freedom with Crossbeats Turbo

The concept of wireless charge was first envisioned by the great scientist Nicolas Tesla during the 19th century. He created a magnetic field around a receiver and a transmitter, allowing the transfer of energy between the same.

Since then technology has travelled leaps and bounds, and scientists across all fields have worked on making the whole technology safe for personal use. As the world moves towards wireless with bluetooth headphones, speakers, earphones and more, it was time our chargers did the same.

So wireless chargers came in, with all the buzz of being able to charge by just placing your phone on the charger. As the years went by, the technology got better and better.

And we have integrated the latest technology, to bring you the Turbo.It is a wireless charger that is made for the modern era.  Here are some of the features that make it the perfect addition to your desk!

A Testament to Fast Charging: The Crossbeats Turbo Wireless charger comes patented with the latest QI technology that allows for 40% faster charging. You can place your phone on the case and get from 0-100 in less than 90 minutes!

Universally Compatible: If your phone supports wireless charging, then Turbo is the tool you need! This wireless charger is compatible with all latest models of Apple (Iphone 8 onwards), Samsung (S8 onwards), Motorola, Nothing and Pixel.

Global Standard Safety Measures: The Turbo comes protected with global safety measures that provide your phone protection against overheating, overcharging and ensures that there is a smooth flow of power from the charger to your phone.

Charges with the Case on: With some wireless chargers, they are restricted when it comes to compatibility with phone cases. With the Turbo, you do not have to worry about your case. You can keep your case on, and charge completely.

Sleek Case Design: The Turbo Wireless charger comes in a thin transparent case that flaunts portability. The design of the case allows you to transport it with ease and also place it on a flat surface while charging.

Complements Every Angle: The Turbo provides a 360 degree charging support. You can place your phone in any angle you need, and let the Turbo work its magic.

If you are an android user, you can avail charging up to 5W. With the help of an adapter you can also charge up to 10/15W, allowing you to dictate the speed of the same.

With a great transparent case design, the Turbo is lightweight and easy to carry around. You can use it to charge your phone, your airpods or any device that supports wireless charging,


Wireless charging may be a difficult concept at first, but it allows you to do so much more on the go. Without having to deal with the hassle of wires and with the convenience of charging seamlessly, it is a device that will make an impact for the better. 

You can shop for Crossbeats Turbo on our website.

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