5 Reasons Why You Need a Dashcam in Your Car

5 Reasons Why You Need a Dashcam in Your Car

Imagine this. You are driving back home after a long day of work, and your usual route has some visibility issues. As you make your way cautiously, you stumble upon to a very unusual roadblock and have to swerve your car to avoid it. While doing so, you make contact with another car coming the wrong way, and there is a collision. The other driver is adamant on making it entirely your fault and you are in one of the worst situations possible. Even if the likelihood of these situations happening one after another is next to nothing, but these are some common issues drivers face on a regular basis. 

  • Poor Lighting: Each Road is not lit as bright as the previous one, and sometimes there is no lighting at all. 
  • Road Ignorance: In urban areas, the traffic is a huge problem for commuters. Most times drivers and riders decide to pay no heed to the rules while overtaking or lanes divisions. 
  • Car Safety: When approaching a new area, where to park is usually one of the tougher decisions that drivers have to take. Sometimes a place may seem safe at first, but the reality might be different. It is difficult to monitor your car when you are away.  

The solution to drive safer specifically in Indian roads is not to try and educate people around the same. But it is to take the safety into your own hands. All these issues become easier to handle with one simple integration into your car. A Dashcam. Keeping up these safety issues in mind, we’ve developed a product unlike no other. The first of a kind in our roster, The Roadeye. The Roadeye is a FULL HD Dashcam made for the Indian Roads. Here’s how it can upgrade your driving experience for the better. 

  • Night Vision: The Roadeye comes equipped with the latest in night vision technology to ensure crystal clear picture in low light conditions. Whether you’re backing up the car to park or driving on the highway, Roadeye shows the way. 
  • Parking Monitor: Every car owner’s worst fear while parking is the fear of a hit and run scenario. The second fear that comes with that is not being able to track the culprit after impact. That’s where the Roadeye comes in. Upon detecting any impact, The Roadeye’s G sensor comes into action, powering on the camera. The camera will proceed to record the environment around the car for a minute and save the recording. 
  • Dynamic View: With this feature, there’s no need to just rely on mirrors and the front window while navigating through incoming traffic. The dash cam gives you a bigger wider view that also cancels out the fisheye effect that sometimes mirrors create. 
  • Continuous Recording:  Come rain or shine, the recording remains constant. Keeping in mind the factor of space, the dashcam will automatically delete videos after 3-4 weeks to keep space for new footage. With WIFI connectivity, Roadeye allows for you to transfer out footage to your phone as well. 
  • ALDA and FOCA: Perhaps the most important feature of this dashcam are these features. While the first ALDA (Accidental Lane Departure Alerts) allows you to maintain your driving lane, the latter (Forward Object Crash Alerts), informs you of any debris/ objects in your path. 

While the concept of installing a dashcam may seem intimidating at first, it will soon become the most integral part of your driving experience with your seatbelt. Moreover, the ease of access by which you can approach driving, will increase. There’s also features such as GPS tracking, touch screen, crash alerts that you will get familiar with once you start using the device. 

You can check out this product at https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0CGLMRLXG

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