How Have Watches Evolved in the World of Business?

How Have Watches Evolved in the World of Business?

Watches in the world of business have been increasing in popularity year after year. While many predicted the downfall of watches since the advent of smartphones, tablets etc, the industry has founded admirers in every generation. More than swanky designs, or popping colours, the classic luxury watch with steel strap is the one that has stood the test of time.

Apart from the functional aspect of just showing the time, watches have evolved into a fashion accessory, an absolute essential to outfits. Regular watches have evolved into smartwatches, thus increasing the usability.

The importance of smartwatches cannot be understated when it comes to the fitness community. Our smartwatches come with more than 125+ sports modes, Sleep and O2 tracking, steps tracking, meditation modes and other advanced features. With a sleek fit and lightweight material, these watches are incredibly easy to use.

In most cases, these are water proof and sweat resistant as well, making it perfect for any outdoor or indoor activities. However, for the professionals these features do not support them completely, as they’re looking for a device that can support them in their work as well. 

There’s not been a perfect solution for this, until now. 

With Monarch, the on the go working professionals and corporate men finally have a partner that they can trust. A mix of elegance and functional, sleek, stylish and sexy.

But how does Monarch fit into the Business World?

The design of the Monarch is inspired from years and years of timeless artistry. With a full metallic body and a dual tone ceramic bezel, every inch exudes elegance. You can pair it with your suit or style it against your formals, it blends with both worlds seamlessly. 

The watch also pairs to your phone, to help you get access to real time alerts. Need to set a reminder to call your client? Need to access the manager’s message during a busy meeting? Or need to make a quick call back home, Monarch makes work life easier. The built in 3A speakers allows you to take calls from anywhere. 

Stunning Display

Monarch’s Display gives you a choice between 250+ watches faces that you can use to compliment your style. It also boasts of a stunning 1.43 inches display with 700 nits.

Stylish yet Sturdy

One of the main issues with luxury business watches is the durability factor. Many watches are unable to withstand wear or tear over time, and not made for durability. A lot of watch owners hesitate on wearing the watch multiple times, as they would like to avoid the possibility of it breaking.

Which is where Monarch pushes the envelope forward.

The watch is covered by a strong gorilla glass, helping it withstand any kind of impact over time. The full metal strap is quite strong as well. 

Multi Functionality

Heart rate tracker, BP tracker, SpO2, Sleep Monitoring, Mediation mode are among the various heath features built into the Monarch. These functions can be enabled to run in the background, so you stay on top of your health even when you’re running a busy schedule. It can remind you to stay hydrated as well! 

The watch is also passcode protected, helps connect with both Google and Siri to make your life easier. It can run up to 7 days with an incredible battery life.


There might be many smartwatches in the market, but none of them are like the Monarch. The intricate craftmanship, the stunning design, and the tough exterior makes it the perfect addition to every man’s wardrobe.


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