Crossbeats World Cup Collection: Made for the Love of Cricket

Crossbeats World Cup Collection: Made for the Love of Cricket

The most awaited tournament of the year is here. The ICC cricket world cup, and after a gap of 12 years, India is the host venue. The country has still not gotten over the image of Mahendra Singh Dhoni smashing a six to win us the cup in 2011, and it is still not over the image of Dhoni being run out against New Zealand in our previous world cup campaign. 

Two weeks into our world cup campaign, the energy around the team is like how it was in 2011. Our team is as talented as it was 12 years ago, and after what feels like one disappointing tournament after another, there seems to be a balance in the side. 

The excitement and expectations are more than ever, and we at Crossbeats have come up with our own little way to help boost your World Cup Campaign. With our special edition of smartwatches! 

Our special set of smartwatches have always been catered to bring a sense of fitness and style into your lives. Right from being a companion to your trendy outfits, to being your health and fitness partner, they are catered for comfort and more. 

With this mission of representing the best of fitness, and style, we decided to associate with a superstar who imbibed the same values. Suryakumar Yadav, our very own Mr 360. 

Not only is he a crucial part of our World Cup Campaign, he is the game changer that has helped our team in critical situations and pushed us to the finish line when the odds were stacked against us. This is his first ODI World Cup campaign with us, and despite his late debut, he has been no less than a knight in shining armour for the team. 

Our special edition is a partnership with Mr 360’s sense of style. Here is what you’ll find in a special edition box! 

A special Crossbeats Smartwatch: Choose between our top models of Monarch, Aura, Regal, Armour and Ignite. 

Custom Keychain: Engraved with SKY’s signature, this handy keychain is a must have in your world Cup memorabilia. 

Custom SKY X Crossbeats T Shirt: With SKY’s favourite Number 

Pin Badge: With a custom WC logo that you can wear on your jersey with pride! 

And a special note from SKY himself.


Apart from the World cup collection, we have got some more special surprises in store, with our very own exclusive SKY Contest! 

With our special Crossbeats World Cup Contest, you will be eligible to win prizes such as coupons, a cricket kit and more signed SKY goodies. 

Here is what you will need to do to enter the World Cup Contest:


Purchase any of the above mentioned special edition watches.

  1. Click on the 'Join Contest' button from the purchase page itself. 
  1. You will be redirected to the contest page. 
  1. Enter the invoice ID to enter the contest. 
  1. Earn more points and win exciting gifts and signed merchandise. 


Shop our Crossbeats X Suryakumar Yadav collection today and show your solidarity with our boys in blue. Make a commitment to fitness with our smartwatches today!

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