5 Tips to Beat the Monsoon Rains

5 Tips to Beat the Monsoon Rains

Grey clouds, cold breeze, uninvited rains and thunderstorms…loving the monsoon yet?

The season that rains cats and dogs is not the favorite of everyone, so if you are one of them who doesn’t like to get wet and dirty this season, we have you covered with these awesome tips to beat the Monsoon blues!

1. Skin Care Is Important

Your skin needs sufficient hydration during the monsoon since the chills can dry out the moisture on your skin and cause irritation and dryness. Now you might have heard this long back, apply a moisturizer and you will be safe…False!
You need to apply a natural moisturizer that contains honey and herbs, since honey will sooth your skin and herbs will keep them vital. You can try the Biotique or the Neutrogena and other similar products with these contents

2. Watch Your Flooring

Frequent trips in and out the house will certainly deposit dirt and mud all over your carpet, especially if you have children who know little about your designer carpets. It is best to switch to a cheaper brown colored carpet for this season.

3. Lift Your Mood

Feeling gloomy and dull? Get your indoor essential right to fix the mood. Add scented candles, rework the curtain colours, and switch to the printed patterns with India Traditional designs on your pillows and sheets.

4. Music & Monsoon

What is monsoon without a romantic playlist and a powerful music system that’s louder than the thunderstorms?

Get the TWS Bluetooth speakers from Crossbeats, the Crossbeats Dynamite, play your favorite songs on its powerful beryllium backed drivers that will go on for an uninterrupted 18 hours, grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the rains by your window

5. Eat Healthy

Diet is an important factor during Monsoon as your immune system is the weakest during this season. Eat less oily, spicy and junk…include soups and other light meals that will get easily digested. Of course, you can enjoy your pizzas and wine too, but make sure you stay hydrated to your best to avoid any health issues.


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