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Don’t fall for these “Healthy” Myths

Don’t fall for these “Healthy” Myths

There are people out there who’d rather spend hours on the internet trying to find a cure to their mysterious “disease” instead of getting a diagnosis in the first place. These are the same people who fall for hearsays and even spread false rumors about the human body, as though science came with personal opinions.

Let’s not take part in the drama, here are some “healthy” myths fact-checked and BUSTED –

1. You need to detox your body

This is one of the recent fads taking over the fitness world. The presumption that you need to detox your body comes from the notion that your body stores toxins within despite having a natural cleansing process.

If you put things into perspective, relying on sugary “detox” juices instead of your healthy kidney and liver for detoxifying your body is as good as owning a pet rock – it’s comforting but utterly useless!

2. You can exercise your way to a 6-pack

What many of you don’t realize is that you already have a 6-pack… under layers of body fat. Your focus should be on entering a healthy weight range before going the Dwayne Johnson route.

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Watch what you eat and make it a point to burn more calories than you’re enjoying. A smart tracker would be your best bet to track your weight loss.

3. 8 Glasses. 8 Hours

We love numbers, even though most of the times, they make our lives harder than it already is. 8 hours of sleep, 2000 calories, 10,000 steps a day – hasn’t it gone long enough?

Sure, they’re a great way to measure your progress, but let’s not forget to listen to our body first. No point in chugging water at night after feeling like a raisin all day. If it’s in healthy amounts, we say, wing it!

4. Multivitamins to the rescue

No, you don’t have to take multivitamins because everyone else seems to be taking them. Shocker, right?!

Many doctors consider them a waste of money unless your blood tests show a different picture. They actually do more harm than good if you’re taking them as an insurance policy rather than consuming naturally nutritious foods.

5. Dieting for weight loss

Imagine restricting your diet because your next-door neighbor’s sister’s trainer told you to do so. Research has concluded that diets of any kind, whether they’re linked to your blood, body type, etc. just don’t work when it comes to losing weight.

Maintaining a balanced diet is the key. The rest, your workouts can take care of. So stop living in your head, grab a full plate of food and ENJOY it.


The next time someone tries to confuse you about your own body, hit them with these facts. And don’t forget to check out our smart gadgets, specially designed for an easy transition into a healthier lifestyle.

Good luck! 

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