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Why you need ANC in your everyday life.

Why you need ANC in your everyday life.

Active Noise Cancelation is most definitely the next big thing in audio equipment, and there might be a solid reasoning for it. By producing sound waves opposite to the ones picked up by the in-ear mic, ANC Earbuds swear to filter out your world, so you enjoy a heightened listening experience.

The best part is you don’t need to be playing music to take advantage of these buds. Noise cancelation is designed to be switched on with or without music playing and its effects can even be customized depending to the environment you’re in.

Here’s more on why YOU need ANC in your life.

1. Ear health (better quality music at low volumes)

Looking at the statistics, it seems like not many of us are really into ear health. We’ll take a wild guess and say it’s been years since you’ve been pumping up the volume on your favourite TWS, knowing that it can temper with your hearing.

But we get it, you want your music to sound great, even in a crowded place. That’s where ANC comes in. Not only does it reduce damage from environmental noise, but it also makes your music sound wayyy better than you’re used to, so you don’t have to blast your music to mute the chaos around you.

2. Master your focus (balance your study environment)

What accounts for increased productivity? Well, it’s definitely NOT your loud neighbours or your family dog that just can’t stop barking. Things don’t always go how you want them to, so why not take matter into your own hands.

With ANC, you get to control the noise leaving your ears you get be in your zone and channel your focus into your tasks. Just plug them in, and the world is your oyster for the next few hours.

3. Privacy, anywhere. (3 modes for diff. settings)

ANC Earphones give you the power to turn any environment into a private one. Not only that, in some devices you also get to customize your sound with different ANC Modes- Normal, Ambient and Active, that offer varied noise cancelation effects.

Turn ON the Ambient Mode during your flight to relieve your ears of the stress, or the Active Mode when you want to get things done in a busy room. It’s like carrying your peace with you!

4. Sleep like never before (reduce audio triggers)

One of the biggest betrayals ever is waking up feeling groggy despite thinking you’ve slept enough. Your sleep quality is affected by various external triggers such as room temperature, lighting, and of course, sound.

With ANC Earbuds, you can cancel out all sorts of audio triggers from your sleep surroundings, whether it’s your dog again or a baby crying in the distance. If you’re one of those people who are woken up by the slightest of sounds, here’s your all-time remedy.

5. Heighten Your Audio (virtual surround listening)

Auditory masking can make your music sound way off from reality. If you’re an audiophile, every component of music is important to you, from the treble to the bass. Irregular frequencies i.e., noise, mask the vocals, bassline, drums, and sometimes even the higher notes of your music, making it sound muffled and not so pleasant.

A fine pair of ANC Earbuds create a virtual surround sound experience that makes it feel like you’re in the middle of a private concert. No compromises here!


If you’re an avid music listener, going the ANC route would be your best bet in terms of listening quality and ear protection.

Looking for the right pair? Check out our finely crafted collection of ANC TWS Earbuds.

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