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Smartwatch VS Smartphone: Which is better for fitness tracking?

Smartwatch VS Smartphone: Which is better for fitness tracking?

Did smartwatches steal the spotlight from smartphones when it comes to fitness and health tracking, or do mobile devices still have something to offer?

Fitness Apps work independently as well as integrate with smartwatches to map your fitness and give you a clear view of your progress. They both serve as fitness incentives to those beginning or accelerating their fitness journeys.

But which one’s better at it, Smartwatches or Smartphones? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

1. Body Sensors

The closer the better! Smartwatch sensors are located directly on your wrist, allowing maximum accuracy of activity measured, through extensive algorithms and calculations.

Smartphones on the other hand use fitness apps that use the same tracking methods but fail in accuracy because of their positioning. No wonder your phone hasn’t been counting in all your steps, it’s been in your pocket all along!

2. Health Tracking/ What about health?

We can’t ignore the myriad of health and lifestyle factors that affect our performance. Your diet, Heart Rate, Stress, and Sleep quality can make or break your workouts and your best bet would be to keep these in-check.

A smartwatch lets you track these important vitals and even gives health reminders based on what your body needs. Watch showing stress levels above 60? Maybe skip gym for the day. Fitness apps don’t have the means to take these readings.

3. Algorithms matter

Watch manufacturing companies have spent years developing their software to give you the best of fitness technology. Every watch has its own secret algorithms used to give insightful fitness feedback on your workout performance.

They consider your basic body data and combine them with the tracker readings to give personalized outputs. There are a fitness apps that do this, however, this information won’t be as customized and accurate as from your watch.

4. Comfort is key

A smartwatch is like an addition to your wrist while your phone is basically a carry-on accessory When you’re running, you don’t want any extra weight holding you back (unless it’s strength training).

So why bother bringing your phone along when your smartwatch keeps you connected to your socials, while tracking your activity the entire time. Once you reach home, all this data is synced to your smartphone, so you can map your progress from there. Pretty cool, right?

5. The Overall Champ

Our verdict? Why not get the best of both worlds! The two devices when worked in unison, can give you the fitness boost you’ve been looking for, that too every day! The watch maps and translates your fitness levels, while the apps let you interpret this data and even connects you to fellow fitness enthusiasts on the app.

However, if you’re looking for in-depth fitness analysis with the added benefits of convenience and health tracking, you should definitely invest in a smartwatch.

So, let the games begin. Start your journey with the best of technology, designed to make your workouts easier and interesting so you finally get that summer body going!

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