How can a Smartwatch help achieve your fitness goals for 2021?

How can a Smartwatch help achieve your fitness goals for 2021?

Why not?

It’s 2021 and we definitely need to go beyond just the clockwork. Keeping up with a New Year resolution is not as easy as it is to make one. It requires commitment and consistency, which at some point we all drift away from. So how do we even get this done? How do we flaunt 6 pack abs like Chris Hemsworth? Forget it, can we even get closer to looking like that?

Definitely YES!

We all know, the finest bodies are made in the kitchen, i.e., what we eat is what we become, so, a clean diet is very important and at appropriate time windows. Next comes the part where we are going to need to move those lazy legs around, the GYM or WORKOUT! Exercise is a very important segment and that’s where you will be shedding those extra pounds. Alright, so what has Crossbeats got to do with this? Why all this fitness gyan?

Hang on, it’s to do with our fantastic smartwatches, yes! They are fully loaded with in-built health trackers, multi-motion sensors for activity monitoring and even have the sleep tracker and stylish looking watch faces. Most of all, they don’t die out quickly like the regular android watches within a day or so. These Bluetooth smartwatches for both men and women live up to 10-15 days straight. Now jumping right into the meat, here are some things that will happen to you when you buy these crazy looking futuristic smartwatches from Crossbeats –

1. Accountability for activities

All your activities will be tracked using our next-gen multi motion sensors, steps, calories burnt, running, sports activities, sleep and more so you can read them real time and understand where the loop hole to delayed 6 packs lie.

2. Everyday goals and motivation

Sometimes it’s easy to wander off if we don’t have set goals. Just like our to-do list at work, the fitness goals set on your smartwatch will help you reach the step count, calorie burnt, sleep and water consumption levels required for the day. Set your own step count per day and increase it as you begin to get comfortable.

3. Track your sleep

Out of all the pointers in this list, I’d say sleep is the most crucial part. If we have a fantastic diet and also workout crazy each day but fail to clock those 7-8 hours of sleep then we will end up damaging both our mental and physical health. Sleep well, because resting also burns some calories and repairs your muscles during this process. Track your sleep with Crossbeats smartwatches and keep account of how many hours of deep and light sleep you are clocking.

4. Monitor your HR & BP

Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring might not sound like they are important in order to gain or lose weight or to even get into shape. But they are very important to know the threshold of your body and knowing when to stop pushing harder. Easy to track right from the watch and your data is stored in the smart app for future reference as well.

5. Control & convenience

Alright, now you know you can do a lot of healthy stuff on your smartwatch but there are few other interesting things where your smartwatch comes handy. Controlling Bluetooth music, shutter remote control, stopwatch, alarm and more. These features are absolute necessity and are an added advantage to have it strapped on to your wrist.

BONUS POINT, you might also want to use some awesome sounding True Wireless earbuds while working out. They can fill you in with much needed adrenaline. The Crossbeats True Wireless come with studio tuned audio cards and a plethora of on-board controls making these little monsters a perfect ally to your smartwatch.

One thing you can surely do in this 2021 is workout like a pro and get that beach body ready before the next summer vacation. Pair up with the Crossbeats smart gear at unbeatable discounts for the season, shop at

Good luck with your resolution.

Post your transformation pictures in the comments below to inspire the folks.

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