How to Use Your Earbuds with Charging Case for Long Periods?

How to Use Your Earbuds with Charging Case for Long Periods?

The trend of buying earbuds with charging cases has gotten stronger every year since Apple launched its AirPods in 2016. Most people worldwide still own wired earbuds; however, they plan to get wireless earbuds for their next purchase. While these earbuds are super-convenient, offer amazing listening experiences, and are extremely user-friendly, there is one downside – batteries. Unlike wired earphones, truly wireless earbuds cannot operate without batteries. Batteries of all kinds have a long history of disappointing customers. Be it a smartphone battery or your laptop’s battery; they’re known to go flat at the wrong time.

Heating Problem

Modern-day shoppers purchase the best earbuds with charging case hoping they last for long periods. The best ones usually do. On top of that, the batteries in these charging cases get recharged very quick. Customers assume that the faster their earbuds’ batteries charge, the better. However, in electrical engineering, faster means hotter. The faster your battery charges, the likelier to get hotter. Heat is any battery’s biggest enemy. Plus, placing hot earbuds inside ears isn’t an experience most people look forward to. That’s why users of truly wireless earbuds need to adopt healthy charging habits. Or else, their earbuds won’t last longer than a year. 

A Recurring Problem with Rechargeable Batteries

Wireless earbuds don’t break or face much physical damage. Unless users lose or misplace them, their only problem with these products will be inefficient battery lives. All rechargeable batteries lose their energy-retention capacities over time. Crystalline layers build upon these batteries over time, increasing electrical resistance and reducing the juice’s quality inside the batteries. Technically, with every charge, wireless earbuds lose listening time. For the first six months, these effects of battery degeneration aren’t noticeable. However, after a couple of years, wireless earbud’s average run time drop from eight hours to five or even less. Eventually, the earbuds are unable to hold any charge at all.

Why Practicing Good Charging Habits is the Only Option?

Consumers shouldn’t expect wireless earbuds to feature replaceable batteries any time soon. Replaceable batteries are generally large, and all earbud manufacturers want their products to be more compact. After fitting in Bluetooth chips, processors, antennas, controls, drivers, or even microphones – there’s simply not enough space to fit replaceable battery compartments. That’s why practising good charging and battery-health habits is the best option for users to make the most of their wireless earbuds. Some good charging and battery-health habits include -

  • Always storing the earbuds in room temperature conditions. Follow the specific storage instructions mentioned by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid wearing them in hot or cold water, even if they’re waterproof.
  • Turning the earbuds off when they aren’t being used.
  • Always take out the earbuds once they’re fully charged.
  • Charging lithium batteries when they’re already charged isn’t helpful at all. On the contrary, doing so damages the juices inside these batteries.

Most long-term users of wireless earbuds face these charging issues. That’s why buying these products from companies that offer repair warranties is so important. Even more important is practising good charging and battery-health habits!

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