Are True Wireless Earbuds India Dangerous to Your Health? Debunking Some Common Myths

Are True Wireless Earbuds India Dangerous to Your Health? Debunking Some Common Myths

The popularity of true wireless earbuds India keeps increasing every month. The country's wearable audio device market is worth over ₹1,000 crores. Globally, 60% of earbuds sold in 2019 were wireless. In India, only 20% were wireless. By 2022, this figure is expected to exceed 60%, as per industry experts.

With more and more Indians tossing their wired earbuds into dustbins, surely nothing can stop the rise of wireless earbuds in the country, right? Well, some skeptics claim wireless earbuds phone pose potential health risks to them. In most of these claims, the keyword is 'radiation.' Let's explore these claims of 'radiation' and health risks.

Why Conspiracy Theorists are targeting Wireless Earbuds?

Currently, most wireless earbuds use Bluetooth technology to offer wireless connectivity over long distances. The fact that all Bluetooth devices emit faint levels of nonionizing radiation is very well known. Despite numerous health experts stating that exposure to such low amounts of nonionizing radiation isn't harmful to humans, the facts haven't stopped the skeptics from asserting their opinions.

According to the USA's Food and Drug Administration (FDA), daily exposure to nonionizing radiation harmless. The skeptics always mention that the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) had deemed nonionizing radiation as potentially carcinogenic back in 2011. Bear in mind – IARC conducted this study to look into brain cancer caused by cell phone use, not wireless earphones.

Smartphones have long been linked to cancer. In 2018, the USA's National Toxicology Program revealed that cellular phones produce radiation that causes cancer in some rats. The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by these devices is linked to potential health issues. The higher the frequency of EMR, the riskier it is to human health.  

Ionizing EMR that comes from sources like sunlight, X-ray machines, or radioactive waste can damage human DNA as these radiation waves can eliminate electrons from atoms. On the other hand, nonionizing EMR emitted from Bluetooth devices (wireless earbuds), cell phones, MRI machines, WIFI networks, microwaves, do not cause harmful effects on human health. Of course, there will always be one case of radiation exposure (among billions) that will slander all wireless devices. Overall, nonionizing EMR emitted from wireless earbuds is completely safe.

Extended Exposure to Nonionizing EMR – Is it Safe?

Researchers are yet to look into the specifics of nonionizing EMR exposure. Researchers' consensus is that nonionizing EMR is only hazardous when people come, direct contact with it for long uninterrupted periods. For instance, workers who are compelled to work with instruments that constantly emit nonionizing radiation face much higher risks than the average cellphone or wireless earphones user. Plus, most of these studies point out findings in animals that don't apply to humans most of the time.

Staying on the Safe Side – What Can Wireless Earbuds Users Do?

Firstly, customers should purchase the best true wireless earbuds India from the most reliable brands. Top-quality wireless earbuds produce 400 times less nonionizing EMR than cell phones. Even after purchasing high-quality wireless earbuds, if users are still concerned about their health, they must -

  • Avoid using them during pregnancy or while suffering from serious health issues.
  • Use the speakerphone option as much as possible. Staying distant from your phone is more important than not using wireless earbuds.
  • Children should avoid using wireless earbuds for more than four hours at a stretch as their thinner skulls are more prone to damage from nonionizing EMR.
  • Keep cell phones and wireless earbuds away while sleeping.

Currently, no proof or research directly claims that using Bluetooth-powered wireless earbuds is unsafe. But, if users are still concerned, they're free to follow these steps.

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