Playing secret Santa? Here are some gift ideas to consider

Playing secret Santa? Here are some gift ideas to consider

Secret Santa is one of the most popular holiday games, be it at home or at office. It is very famous for its creative approach and the quirky way of exchanging gifts with your dear ones.

While Christmas is around the corner, we believe you must have begun to shortlist some gifts for your office colleagues or for family. As we started playing Secret Santa at Crossbeats, we thought why not put across some quickies for you to pick up and surprise your loved ones.

This list is simple yet a practical one, the kind of gift one might love to have on the receiving end, so go checkout the gifts below and be a great Santa –

1. Customized phone cases

Phone cases? That’s it? Nope, these are not your regular phone cases, they are customized, by which we mean you can modify the regular boring looking phone case into a fancier looking souvenir or gift of the season. Names, symbols, characters or simple messages, you can get anything on it for a little bit extra cash. A simple idea is to buy a sturdy plain colored phone case and get it customized or maybe order a pre-customized one directly online.

2. Books

Of course! What can beat a good book for a gift? All you got to know is what genre your friend might love to read. Be it thrillers, romantic novels or maybe a sci-fi as well, they never go out of style for the avid reader. Order one online or grab one from the store nearby, but don’t forget to wrap them up nicely in a gift wrapper. Bonus point – pick up a fancy looking bookmark to go with the book for added surprise.

3. Smartwatches

Getting fit is almost the top priority for every one of us, assuming your friend also wants the same, then it is best to consider gifting a smartwatch. The Crossbeats Ace is a powerhouse of a smartwatch, our folks at office have been rigorously using it and sometimes even sleeping with it (dude’s got sleep tracking too). Also, features like multisport mode and health tracking with 24/7 heart rate monitoring has made this watch unbeatable for the price tag it comes with. Here’s a secret - Check them out on our official website for additional discounts,

4. Wind chimes

Ok, we are not going to promote our True Wireless earphones range here but we shall tell you something about how the ‘wind chimes’ really sound – soul stirring and absolutely pleasant. Get one for your friend and ask them to hang it out on their hallway or the living room, or maybe in the portico. When the breeze makes love with the wind chimes, the music is an orchestra to the soul inside. Get one online, there are a lot of styles to it.

5. Bonsai plants

What can grow and really not look old? A bonsai! Yes, get these artistic floras for your friend, they will love how beautiful these plants age through the seasons. Do your research on how to prune these plants and the how-to-care tips and share them with your friend to make the journey easier. One thing for sure, this is a serious commitment and make sure he/she is the right candidate. Hope this list helps you find the perfect gift.

Do drop in a comment if there are other ideas to help find the seekers.

Have a great Christmas 2020

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