Top gift recommendations for Christmas 2020

Top gift recommendations for Christmas 2020

As chilly as it gets on the outside, as colors and lights starts possessing the world, the Christmas bells are ringing just around the corner and we need to be prepared, right? As much as you love to spend the vacation wrapped warm inside your cozy bed, this season also calls for a quality time with family, friends and your loved ones!

Christmas means the season of gifts, the season of love and the season to celebrate the end of a year in the best possible way. So, let’s focus on the gifts part as of now!

Here are some interesting picks from the folks at our office that you might want to consider gifting someone dear. If you think, they might already have these, still, it’s never a bad idea to upgrade! So, go read on to find the right gift or maybe an inspiration to a gift -

1. Mini projector

First on the list, is the ‘Mini Projector’. Reason? To enjoy all the entertainment on a bigger screen. Better reason, to not ruin your eyesight and to watch Netflix in absolute style. There are many brands that sell ‘Mini Projectors’ ranging from Rs3000 to whatever number one can afford. Pick one up for a movie buff friend and upgrade his entertainment. But rest assured, one will never switch to a smaller screen ever again!

2. Crossbeats Torq

Music is music, right? Nope, wrong! With the Crossbeats Torq True Wireless Bluetooth earphones, music is never the same again. Absolutely powerful audio with immersive sound quality that will move your soul. Powered by Qualcomm audio and dual microphones, this is a must have work from home essential as well. Go grab this beast on the Crossbeats official website for unbeatable discounted price and gift it to a friend who loves audiophile level music. Visit –

3. Smart backpack

‘I totally understand what a backpack is but what is this smart backpack’? Hey, these are some crazy bags crafted for the modern dwellers keeping in mind their different usage styles. A smart backpack is something that comes with more practical compartments and security upgrades that help keep the contents of the bag more secure. Gift this to a friend who is really forgetful or maybe just needs more storage on the go.

4. Digital camera

Don’t we always want to freeze some good memories in life? A photograph is what quickly comes to our mind to treasure these special moments. Gift your loved one a Sony cyber-shot or a DSLR and start posing for those beautiful Christmas 2020 pictures for this is the time of the year to capture all the love in different frames.

5. Wireless gaming mouse & keypad

This is a serious consideration given the time and situation. A gaming mouse and keypad has become an essential for all those working from home and seeking solace in their gaming PC’s for a break. Pick up those flashy RGB ones to amp up the gaming mood. This would make for a perfect gift for your gaming buddy.

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