How Crossbeats revolutionized Bluetooth Calling Technology for Smartwatches

How Crossbeats revolutionized Bluetooth Calling Technology for Smartwatches

Skip the hassle of juggling your phone to attend a call! Bluetooth calling has become an inevitable feature of smartwatches of this era and Crossbeats has committed to providing its audience with the superlative of the same. Outdoing its preceding launches, has been the release of an enthralling series of Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches loaded with exciting smart features.

Crossbeats Enters the Battlefield

Armed with groundbreaking technology, Crossbeats has stepped onto the field of the cut-throat technology industry. Ignite Atlas, Ignite S4, Orbit Infiniti and Orbit Sport are some of the advanced Bluetooth calling enabled smartwatches with powerful 2-Watt Speakers and built-in microphones to facilitate crystal clear calls.

The Breakthrough

There was Thomas Edison with the light bulb, Isaac Newton with Gravity and now, Crossbeats with its Mono-Channel Bluetooth calling technology! With the launch of its gripping Ignite Series, Crossbeats has outdone themselves once again by designing the slimmest Bluetooth calling enabled smartwatch in the segment- Ignite Grande.

    • Auto Disconnecting, pairing problems, etc. you can wave goodbye to those issues with Ignite Grande. By eliminating the dual chip technology and replacing it with mono-channel pairing, a one-time connection can be established between the smartwatch and the mobile phone.
    • Brimming with other advanced smart features including but not limited to Advanced Emotion Sensors, Triple Menu UI themes and Multisport mode, Ignite Grande has been launched as the revolutionary of the Ignite Series.


Love at first sight may be a myth, but believe in love at first connect! Just like how it has managed to surpass all boundaries in the smartwatch segment and emerge with the futuristic Mono-channel pairing technology, Crossbeats shall continue to take your breath away with its upcoming revolutionary smartwatches. Stay tuned for more innovations!

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