Ways smartwatches help us take care of our loved ones

Ways smartwatches help us take care of our loved ones

Everyone wants to be self-sufficient as they age. The elderly can now access more with a smartwatch to track their movement, heart rate and contact emergency services to notify their loved ones in the event of a fall or accident.

This will give you peace of mind as well, knowing that they’re okay and in-touch. We do almost everything with our loved ones, go out of our way to make our loved ones feel special. Why not take another step and work towards better health with the help of a smartwatch.

Let’s look at how smartwatches can help the us take care of our seniors -

1. Location tracking and sharing

Smartwatches these days come with location tracking and sharing services wherein seniors can send their current location to their loved ones, or simply keep track of their route on their evening strolls.

Some smartwatches on the market provide turn-by-turn navigation, which can be beneficial for seniors who have lost their orientational abilities. Their safety is the priority and smartwatches let you monitor exactly that.

2. Health tracked and recorded

The most recent smartwatches on the market monitor some of the wearer's vital signs. Some of them include a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer that detects lack of motion and reminds wearers to move more frequently.

This is an excellent way for seniors to remain mobile. By wirelessly connecting other devices to the smartwatch, it is also possible to track blood pressure, stress levels, blood sugar levels, and sleep hygiene.

3. Important Calls received

A smartwatch for seniors provides an easy and quick way to contact family or close relatives. As long as the senior understands how to use the smartwatch's basic functions, they should have no trouble reaching or contacting family members.

It’s a double treat if you own one as you’ll be notified of important alerts on your watch even when your phone’s on DND mode. This way you’re just one call away.

4. Doctor & Medicine reminders

A smartwatch will take care of your loved one when you’re not around. Apart from tracking their health and fitness, smartwatches can also be personalized to set custom medicine or routine reminders to make sure they stay consistent on health.

Depending on the smartwatch, you can add a number of routine check lists to be met with and keep their health records in-check.

5. Easy workouts

Smartwatches are known for acting as a personal trainer wherever you go. Staying fit and healthy is important in all aspects of life. Wearing a smartwatch, whether you are a young active gym lover or a health-conscious senior, tells you how many steps you have taken each day and advises you on how many more you should take.

This is especially important for seniors who want to keep their bodies as fit as possible. The watch can also tell you how many calories you've burned while going about your daily business. It can keep the elderly motivated and inspire them to exercise. 


Are you concerned about the health of a closed one? Consider s smart wearable to help them track their health at home and give them freedom of accessibility when you’re not around.

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