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How to lose more weight by doing NOTHING. Sleep Hacks 101

How to lose more weight by doing NOTHING. Sleep Hacks 101

NO, this is not a scam, you can actually trigger weight gain by sleeping less!

Studies have shown that your body starts showing negative signs after three days of sleep deprivation. Not just that, poor sleep can have negative effects on your learning, memory, mood, emotions, and various biological functions. So, how long have you been deprived?

Chill, it’s never too late to tune things up a bit. So, hold your pillow close and find out how to sleep the right way.

1. The Perfect Bedroom

Your tossing and turning could be due to the temperature of your room, or the lighting…, or the space around you. Yes, these things matter when it comes to a perfect night’s sleep. A dark room that is approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius) is the ideal sleep environment for adults.

And why not explore the benefits of aromatherapy – scents like lavender and chamomile help relieve stress and anxiety. Keep essential oils by your bed and even spray a few scents on your pillow. Warning – You might catch a new obsession.

2. Keep it at bay

Make your bedroom a place for relaxation and release rather than for stress or entertainment. Remember the essential oils? Note down your events, tasks, whatever that worries you right before you fall asleep, so you don’t overthink your way to dark circles and eye bags.

Get rid of the external stressors as well. You can’t help your snoring partner so just help yourself. Grab a pair of comfortable noise-canceling earbuds that drown out all the noise. Contrarily, if your room is too silent that you hear every little creak, opt for a white noise machine.

3. No more snoozes!

We’re not saying it for the sake of your job, it’s the truth! Snoozing can actually make you feel worse than if you woke up on the first ring. This is because you’re risking waking up in between a sleep cycle, which causes disorientation and grogginess (no, that wasn’t just last night’s hangover).

Stop setting multiple alarms and don’t keep your phone next to you in bed.

Each sleep cycle lasts for about 90 minutes and it’s way better to wake up in the beginning of a cycle rather than during it. So how can you make sure of this? Keep reading.

4. Track it

Tracking your sleep lets you regulate it. There are so many factors that affect sleep such as fitness, diet, and even your blood glucose. What’s the best way to keep these in check? A smart tracker, of course!

Once you start logging your sleep data, you can figure out your patterns and see what works, and what doesn’t. This way, your sleep will be more consistent, allowing you to set your alarm according to your natural sleep rhythm, so you don’t wake up raging for more.

Bonus Tip for Better Sleep

If you have a hard time relaxing before bed, progressive muscle relaxation can help relieve tense muscles so you can maintain relaxation more easily. Simply lay on your back with your hands at your sides. Take a deep breath and begin to tense each muscle for ten seconds and then release. Start with your forehead and work your way down. This should help you snooze right out!

Your sleep’s quality and quantity matter. If you’ve been experiencing poor sleep, pick one or more of these hacks and implement them in your days. Trust us, the difference might just save you additional trips to the gym.

Good night!

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