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Ways you’re using your Earbuds wrong!

Ways you’re using your Earbuds wrong!

Earbuds are your savior from this loud, sometimes boring, world. But are you even getting the best of what you paid for? Are you making excuses to invest in a good pair of buds because you’ve had bad experiences with them? Stop right there because the problem could, well, be you.

Unknowingly we manage to degrade the quality of our everyday earbuds, but with just a few fixes you can increase the life span of your buds, protect the sound drivers, and get the most out of them. So, keep reading and learn a little more about your TWS Earbuds.

1. Not using your case

No stranger to losing your earbuds every now and then? Carry your case along and keep your buds in their place when not in use. This way, you’re less likely to lose them, and they’ll even be protected when you throw your carryon straight across the room when you get back home.

There’s more to it, though. This prevents bacteria getting clogged up in your comfortable silicone tips and cause an infection. We don’t want that now, do we?

2. Blasting the volume

Apparently, loud volumes are not just bad for your ears. Because headphones components are delicate, excessive volume can warp the sound-producing parts causing a decline in audio quality.

If your earphones sound distorted even at normal volumes or tone of music, they’re most likely already damaged due to the drivers being compromised. For your next pair, stick to moderate volumes. Your ears will thank you, too.

3. Is it really waterproof?

Don’t fall for the tactical marketing terms, look for the IP rating of the earphones. This specification tells us how resistant they will be to dust (the first number) and liquids (the second number).

So, if you train with your earbuds on, you’ll need an IP rating of at least IPX7 or IPX8. If your earbuds are constantly getting damaged after gym sessions, they’re probably only rocking an IPX4, making them bound to fall apart in a sweaty situation.

4. Meet noise-cancelation

If you own ‘noise-cancelling’ earbuds, you’ll have noticed there are different modes that you can choose from depending on your environment. Play around with the modes in different settings and see what works for you.

The Active mode blocks out noisy Monday morning traffic so it’s just you and your tunes. The Ambient mode allows 50% of surrounding sound to enter so you stay safe on the road, while the noise cancelation does its magic.

5. Cutting back on budget

You might feel guilty about splurging on leisure but know this - there’s a difference between paying for luxury and performance. You don’t need to go for a luxury brand to experience good sound. But you also must set your budget according to your needs, otherwise they most likely won’t be met.

Pay attention to detail and don’t settle for lesser. The good news is, in recent years you can get premium quality without having to break your wallet either!

Bonus Tip

You deserve a comfortable, snug fit. Invest is a set of customized ear tips for your earphones so they fit you better. The generic size and shape won’t fit everyone, obviously, so having a customized pair seems handy.

Now, you can even share your earbuds with a buddy without worrying about sanitary issues. Clean earbuds in just a swap!


Take care of those buds for your own sake, they save you in awkward situations.

For your next powerful pair, check out our ANC and TWS Earbuds Collection- you’ll be amazed.

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