Keeping the world quiet with Active Noise Cancellation!

Keeping the world quiet with Active Noise Cancellation!
It’s 15th December, 9:00 am: I see it rained last night; the leaves are glistening from the dew drops. My hot cup of chai and morning breakfast seem so perfect for this chilly weather. The factories have started to function and suddenly the honks get louder and louder by each passing minute. The noise of the busy city starts to rankle me, and the morning peace of chirping birds, the breeze, and my favorite meal start to fade away. Oh no, it’s time for me to leave for work, I realize.


It’s 20th December, 8:30 pm: It’s a Saturday evening; I need a well-deserved break from this exhausting week. A break from the hustling metropolitan traffic, the occasional bus rides, and the constant noise of environmental destruction. I wish I could spend some quality time with myself; a fancy glass of wine and Italian dinner, some good music; enjoying my own company. I’ve heard so much about these earbuds, though yet to experience in person.


It’s 21st December, 4:00 pm: Okay, I’m going to find a good pair of earbuds. Yes! Nothing can stop me now! But which one? Wait a minute, The one I saw at the party? Jack, yes, Jack had those! After 5 minutes of searching, I found it. It’s the Crossbeats ENIGMA!! The one with the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature; that looks premium, elegant, smart, and sexy, oh the list is long! Let me grab it. I just…. turned it on, tuned in and blocked out, I mean, the noises and boom! It only gets better. All of a sudden, all the noises are gone, like that of a vacant auditorium. I sense peace and bliss as the sounds the world seems to be on mute! Why did I not have these before!?


It’s 22nd December, 9:00 am: This Monday, I am hopeful; hopeful that this week is not going to be frustrating. As I leave for my office, the bus rides are quieter, and the honks don’t seem unbearable. Had I not bought these earbuds from Crossbeats, this experience could have been the usual stressful morning. The route is a long one, so I might as well pour my hot chai from the flask. As people watch me enjoy this bus ride, I wish they could experience Enigma too, which has a powerful 13mm audio driver setup, enhancing the bass notes. Let me try out the mic & speaker. OMG! This sounds like a face-to-face conversation. With 6 powerful microphones positioned 3 on each earbud, the audio clarity sent to my friend’s end is totally crystal clear. It’s also so light and comfortable.


It’s 26th December, 6:00 pm: Oh, what a great day I had! The ever so smart features even navigate me through my reminders, calls, calendar schedules, and a lot more. Enigma is also loaded with the smart voice assistants SIRI and OK Google. It’s so perfect, it leaves everyone turning their eyes on me with its look. Does the list ever end? Um, The battery? No, I’m not worried. Its stunning battery life is up to 24 hours and the 2000 mAH powerplant never disappoints me. It rained today, but with its swaying advanced high-resistance IPX4 rating, I must say, it is an all-weather superstar. Whether it is a drizzle or a dusty terrain, Enigma really sticks with me in every moment.

In this amazing, smart yet stylish journey with these ANC True Wireless Earbuds, I do appreciate the kind of freedom I am experiencing, thanks to the Crossbeats Enigma. From the acoustic & country music to the wild rocking party evenings, I immerse myself completely into the music, putting the world on silent and ignoring the unwanted Frustrating noises. Now I feel like I have truly experienced my world of music. Grab your pair of Enigma earbuds and keep the world quiet.

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