Decoding productivity for lazy people

Decoding productivity for lazy people

Heaving yourself out of sluggish behaviours can be difficult at times, especially if you’re someone who is conditioned to lazy routines. The problem is that laziness and excuses often sink in before we can act out, but luckily productivity can be learned no matter what the situation is. Here’s your simple guide to battle out procrastination and reach your goals.

1. Build a morning routine:

A productive morning routine sets out the tone for the rest of the day’s activities to follow up. Get enough sleep for 7 or more hours, wake up and sweat it out! Exercising is not only good for physical health but also for mental wellbeing; you can even try monitoring your sleep & health through in-built sleep monitors on the fitness wearables such as smartwatches.

2. Prioritize your tasks

To-do lists clearly spell out what needs to be done and plans out your tasks, in turn inspiring you to get on with it, feel organised and in control. If you’re someone who’s not into writing, get your hands on devices that help you set reminders and alerts whenever needed. The immediate gratification after getting things done is great!

3. Take a break or more

If you’re someone who is prone to lethargy, you must encourage yourself to achieve your goals by rewarding yourself with some incentives. Whether it is listening to your favorite playlist with good quality earbuds, or watching your favorite show, use laziness as a reward and not as a barrier. Clear off the tasks, take breaks & treat yourself with some relaxation.

4. It only takes 2 minutes!

If you’re tired of your mom asking you to clean, don’t always roll your eyes as cleaning will help you being productive. A messy workspace, piled up with stuff will never motivate you to finish your chores. If it takes only a few minutes, do it! Doing small things simultaneously will prevent tasks from building up and things will be less daunting.

5. Adios distractions

Avoid all sorts of distractions when in work mode and take less time to finish things off. Instead of getting distracted by social media on your smartphone, invest in devices which notify you with important calls, emails, messages, etc. If there are noises which are distracting you, try plugging in some Noise Cancelling earphones, listen to some concentrating tunes to help you focus.

Confidence and belief in oneself don’t come easy, especially when it involves stepping out of your comfort zone. Invest better on your health, improve your routine, and be productive at all times.

Grab your smart wearables and elevate your lifestyle.

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