Meme worthy experiences with ear buds

Meme worthy experiences with ear buds
1. Looking the other way like a fool as the artists’ voice goes from one ear to the other

If you’re a user of good quality ear buds, you could relate to this for sure! It’s really cool to experience this audio panning effect which creates the illusion of the sound bouncing off between the speakers. Just like listening to Adele and Lil Wayne at the same time in one single track. Adding more to this experience is the realization you hit when you can clearly hear & feel the background music!? We bet you’re missing out on some clear, loud music fun, if you haven’t had this experience yet. Aided by dynamic sound drivers, equalizers, microphones, and a ton of smart specs on Crossbeats TWS earbuds; they enable you to hear the unheard and feel the music, not just listen to it. You want it. Don’t you?

2. Listening to the ‘10 hours of absolute silence’ playlist as the baby on the plane won’t shut up!

Raise your hands if you’re annoyed by that one baby, or unfortunately more on your airplane who just can’t stop crying! Whatever the reason might be, it’s high time we cancel that noise out, but how, you might wonder? Ever heard of hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology? It’s your solution. Not just the noise of the babies on board, but the traffic, your loud neighbors – We’ve got noises all around which we wish to cancel out! Where to grab the solution? Crossbeats Enigma is designed with advanced QuietOn ANC technology, 3 Noise cancellation modes, 13mm sound drivers & a lot more to give you a silent world around you!

3. People with wired earphones: “My wire broke”; Me with TWS Ear buds: “I’m sorry, is this a peasant joke or am I too cool to understand you?”

Imagine walking away from the PC with your headphones plugged in. You might fall and fall really hard. Well, you don’t have to if you’ve got True Wireless earphones! Now imagine listening to a peppy song with your TWS ear buds at the hub of your city, walking across luxury stores like a celebrity getting clicked by the paparazzi! Yes, you can become your own celebrity! If the sound and audio quality wasn’t enough, TWS ear buds allow you to redefine your vogue and set the trend with premium, metallic built with multi-function sensors; it’s small, sleek, and stunning at its max. Who doesn’t want all eyes on them for their style and charm, we bet it’s NOT you! Crossbeats Pebble is elegantly designed and aesthetically premium, it’s a fusion of sound and style, giving you the perfect jaw-dropping look!

4. The real Eminem’s rap battle: “What? What? What? You wanna battle ME?” What I get to hear: ‘Servers reciting the South Indian Menu’

Ever craved to listen to your music while others enjoy theirs? Move on, relax, and enjoy! You must be able to shuffle through your playlists without any disturbances and unfold the desire to live the concerts inside of your heads. Be it some Rock n Roll, Country, Jazz, EDM or any music choice; It’s your music, your way! The Digital noise reduction and stunning audio balance on the Crossbeats Urban Plus let you escape the chaos and enter the world of crystal-clear audio. So, no more hiding away!

It’s fun, exciting, adventurous, and smart. What is it? It’s listening to our favorite beats to rock our mood! These memes make us re imagine our passion for good music. Tune in and break your silence

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