Top 5 Adventure Destinations in India 2019

Top 5 Adventure Destinations in India 2019

Mother Earth is a vast planet and one lifetime is definitely not sufficient to scale its beauty. All those family trips, picnics and weekend getaways you call a perfect vacation can be a true illusion when you actually visit some of the best breath-taking places in India…experiences that will elevate your life into its best version! Check out these Top 5 picks recommended by the finest travel folks and adventure experts

1. Chadar Trek in Ladakh

Snow soaked lake, 11200ft altitude, racing heart and never felt like before adrenaline…the perfect adventure thrill and the best possible Trek you can ever experience in the hearts of the Northern Mountains. Get to the Chadar Lake during January and February for the perfect view and uncompromised adventure

2. River Rafting in Rishikesh

Never as easy as it sounds, the unforgiving fast flowing river, balance put to its best test and the faith stitched to one rubber boat that takes numerous beatings…that’s called pure thrill. Not just a highly profound pilgrimage spot, Rishikesh also houses many adventure sports and this being the best of em all. Make sure you don’t go there in the Monsoon!

3. Jim Corbett Safari

Wild and Cute, Large and Small, Common and Rare…find animals of all genres in the Jim Corbett Safari, up and close! A once in a lifetime drive in the heart of nature amidst its beautiful creation. Located in Nainital District, Uttarakhand, this beautiful National Park is a home to many beautiful species. Now call this a perfect family getaway, the kids are going to love this!

4. Scuba Diving in Andaman

Deep clean blue water and gorgeous marine life, one cannot miss the magnificence of the Scuba Diving in Andaman. From scorpion fish to Octopus and Sharks to Coral Reefs, you can swim with the rarest of the marine species you have ever seen on National Geography. The Wall is considerable a famous place to Scuba Dive in Andaman. [twitter name="name"]

5. Skydiving in Mysuru

Have you ever desired to paint the skies and fly like a bird, free and alive? This is your chance! The Skydiving in Mysuru is a must experience adventure that will unwind your mind and set your soul free. Enjoy the lush green view beneath you while you glide through the serenity of South India.

Essentials You Need to Focus On
There are very few tips and essentials to take care of while going on an adventure trip when compared to a cosy vacation. All you might need are some comfortable quick-dry warm clothes (trust me when I say comfortable), power banks, Crossbeats True Wireless Earphones (because you need that perfect music companion), sleeping bags, Multi-utility tool kits, personal care products and, last but not the least, a spacious but light trekking backpack.

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