Top 5 gadgets to buy this Monsoon 2019

Top 5 gadgets to buy this Monsoon 2019

The wild cold breeze, sneaking through your half closed window panes carrying the fragrance of rain, while the storm clouds are preparing to shower its first...Yes, it’s monsoon here, are you ready yet?

Prepare for the monsoon in style and get your list of gadgets ready for the extremes of the weather with these top 5 gadgets recommendation for 2019

1.Go Pro Hero 5

Don’t leave any beautiful moment fade away, get out there and make memories and make sure you capture them with the GoPro Hero 5. The water resistant all weather proof action camera is built to stand any harsh unpredictable weather

2.Crossbeats Wave Bluetooth Earphones

Are you missing out on your jogs this monsoon? Well, it’s time to lace up again, take the Crossbeats Wave, an IPX7 rated waterproof and rainproof Bluetooth earphones. These earbuds will power up your jogs with its powerful sound drivers and keep you comfortable with its athletic fit

3. Origin ND838 Dehumidifier

So, if you are a beginner, this can be the place where your adventure begins!  Wait, what about the humidity that kicks in after the rains? Ever thought about it? Humidity during the monsoons can be terrible. A dehumidifier like Origin ND838 is best recommended. Get one according to the size of your room and ensure the windows are closed while the device is switched on. Well, if you feel the chills, get a blanket and a book.

4. Bubbleshield Pro

Another IPX7 product that is highly recommended if you are someone who prefers to carry your iPad or Tablet outdoors during the monsoon. The BubbleShield Pro will protect your screen from rain or water from seeping in without compromising on the touch quality of your device

5. Crossbeats Dynamite Bluetooth Speaker

Now moving on to the last but the most interesting product in the list, the Crossbeats Dynamite. This powerfully built full surround immersive sound speakers can be your perfect music companion for the time spent on the couch watching the downpour through the window.

The Dynamite has split speakers so you can place them smartly or stick them together for a better effect. An uninterrupted 18 hours playback powered by its unmatched battery is an added advantage for your pool parties during the monsoon.

Now is the time to get out and soak your soul in the rain, enjoy the monsoon with your wildest adventures. Escape the laziness and explore the world outside your win


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