Top 5 running apps for the mile munchers !

Top 5 running apps for the mile munchers !

My heart is racing with all the adrenaline rushing while drops of sweat are surfing up from the forehead and leaping through my nose-tip…Yes, that is what running can do to you. What else it can do is, enhance your lifestyle and keep your body and mind much younger and agile. Back in the days, there were no fancy running gadgets and brands that could make a runner’s life easy, but the story has changed lately! There are many accessories and gears for running that come along with interesting applications to be clubbed with. So here are our top picks for Running Apps in India that you can use this summer to unleash the Usain Bolt in you!

1. Runtastic

Yeah, Yeah…it’s popular! But if you are just using Runtastic to track you on GPS, then you have been scratching the surface for nothing good. Runtastic comes with a great set of features and simple User Interface to help you go the extra mile.

Story running, searching for new routes, target pace among others are some interesting stuff it allows you to do.

2. Runkeeper

Old is gold, and this one is pretty old! Simple and Upfront, the Runkeeper App allows you to track the speed, calories burnt, distance covered and time taken and a lot more.

Allows you to pair it with your Apple watch, Fitbit or any such smart devices to show you the activities in real time. Runkeeper also challenges you to outdo your own best, so make sure you give it your ultimate best!

3. Google Fit

Straight from the vault, Google Fit is the easiest of all to use and is absolutely FREE! Does the basics pretty clean and doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to accuracy! Compatible with most smart devices the Google Fit is again the simplest of all the running apps available in the market.

So, if you are a beginner, this can be the place where your adventure begins!

4. Zombies Run

Yup, it’s hard to imagine and scary too! But Zombies Run really does push you constantly with its interesting interface and gameplay strategy. The collecting of points and supplies along with other survival features makes this app more fun and challenging to use.

Don’t slow down, the Zombies are still chasing!

5. Other Apps

The markets are lately flooded with many fitness tracking devices and they come with their own application on the playstore. Big players like Samsung, Fitbit and Apple are setting an example with how much information a fitness enthusiast can gain out of their app.

They pretty much work like any other health tracker app but getting the most of your running might need the wisest decision. I’ll leave this one to you!

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