7 Workouts to Shred Fat Using Bodyweight Training

7 Workouts to Shred Fat Using Bodyweight Training

It’s a myth that 6 packs are built in the kitchen, professionals from all across the globe state that a fat free shredded body takes a crucial balance of diet and training. If you have been chasing the Rocky Balboa body from a long time and have still not got there, then you need more inspiration.

We’ll keep inspiration for another time, now take a look at these exercises that you can do at home using your own body weight in your own free time to become your own version of Rocky Balboa.

1. Bar Workouts

Pull ups, chin ups and swinging your body and moving your shoulder blades while you tightly hold on to the bar...sounds easy, absolutely not! These set of hardcore upper body workout will test your mettle and ton the upper body from the core to the chest and shoulders effectively. Do these in sets with maximum of 20 seconds break for each set and see the results.

2. Burpees

A fun yet strong workout that powers the muscles from your legs to abdomen and all the way up until your chest. Just sit down like a frog with your hands touching the floor and now launch yourself into the air and wide-open arms.

3. Push Ups

Sounds basic? Absolutely not! The push-ups are a very important exercise that can burn fat in your lads, shoulders and chest and strengthen the associated muscles. There are varieties in the push-ups, use your combination and enjoy the results. Do this in sets of 3.

4. Squats

Arms stretched forward and slightly bent knees, stand up and go down, do the squats in sets and see how much you can do to strengthen your legs, thighs and rear. A very effective cardio type exercise that will for sure help you beat the knee problems in your 40’s and 50’s.

5. Mountain Climber

This my friend, is certainly exhausting. The Mountain Climber is absolutely as difficult as it sounds here, get to the push-ups position and then pull your legs one by one towards your chest like a knees-up exercise or jogging in a sleeping position and for sure this will drain out all the energy stored in you. Great for core and abdomen, for all those willing to see some packs beneath their shirt.

6. Spiderman Planks
A very simple exercise that is seems to be according to its posture, but this is certainly going to give you blues when you get in its proper position and stay there for a while. The planks have many varieties, use the combination and workout those belly fat.

7. Crunches
Ready for the packs? Then you need to make sure your combination of crunches is totally pushed to its best limits to start burning fat in the stomach area and strengthen the core and back muscles.

What do professionals have to say?
“You really don’t need any equipment to do any of these exercises, you need to use your bodyweight and focus on the selected muscles while you work out. Since most of these can be done anywhere anytime, all you need now is some immersive music that can power your training.” – Powerlifter 2019
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