2019 Gifting Ideas for the Siblings this Rakhi

2019 Gifting Ideas for the Siblings this Rakhi

The celebration of an undying bond, between siblings, the Raksha Bandhan is also the festival of gifting. Be it just a chocolate or an expensive jewellery set, there are many unique gifting ideas lately on the internet. If you want to make the most of this special bond, here are some trending gift ideas for both him/her exclusively picked by our experts in house.

1. Fitness Bands/Watches

Sitting first at our list, the Fitness Bands and Watches are a great option, be it for your sister or your brother. The Fitness Bands and Watches keeps their health on track, can wear them all day long and also helps them progress in achieving an active lifestyle. Some preferred suggestions for Fitness bands would be Mi, Fitbit and Apple while if you are considering to gift a watch, then you can opt for G-Shock, Fossil and other such brands that will be budget friendly too.

P.S. You can elevate your fitness quotient by tagging your Fitness bands and watching along with the Crossbeats Range

2. Make Up Set

No matter how much fun you make of your sister and call her all sorts of funny names, you know she is pretty and very dear to you. What can make that pretty sister of yours even prettier? Yup, a all in one make up set.

Common, what kind of girl doesn’t like putting on some make up? I bet everyone does! Check out on Amazon for makeup sets and gift her the best one, we are sure she’ll love it!

3. Wireless Speakers

Tune in some great music for the special occasion on the special speakers, the True Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from Crossbeats…The Crossbeats Dynamite! For all the parties and weekend movies, this is the perfect sound companion and also looks smashingly awesome so you can flaunt it around on any adventure or commute too.

Here is where you can buy – Crossbeats Dynamite

4. Jewellery

This one is a mandatory gifting option for the Raksha Bandhan…it never goes out of style. A very important asset in any girl’s wardrobe is a finely crafted Jewellery Set (preferably a designer series). Surprise her by ordering a gorgeous looking Jewellery set and get it delivered to her with a nice gift wrap…there will definitely be a “awwww” moment when your sister looks at it!

5. Chocolates

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Remember your childhood days when you and your siblings used to fight over a chuck of chocolate? Exactly! So why don’t you send him/her a Chocolate Gift box along with a special note. That’s definitely cute!

P.S. Don’t forget the special note

6. Crossbeats Air

A bond so pure and true deserves a product that is equally so special and “true”, yes, we are talking about a True Wireless marvel here! The Crossbeats Air is a finely built TWS Bluetooth earbuds that stands as a signature to style. These earbuds are portable, comes with an in-built charging case box and, oh dear…they sound absolutely amazing!

Here is where you can buy – Crossbeats Air

7. Handbags

Yup, don’t let the style slip away. Gift your sibling a fine-looking handbag or a wallet (maybe the designer or limited edition), they can keep it at all times. It is definitely a much-needed gift for either of them. It is a saying that wallets must be gifted and never bought, so go surf the Amazon for some amazing handbags and wallets

We Love You All 

A huge shout out from the Crossbeats team to all the siblings and our Crossbeats Family, “YOU GUYS ROCK”, have a great Raksha Bandhan and may this Bond be sealed with love and laughter forever!

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