2019 Leh Ladakh Trip Ultimate Checklist

2019 Leh Ladakh Trip Ultimate Checklist
The Ultimate Checklist for Your Next Leh Ladakh Adventure

Ladakh! Yup, you heard it right. The most magnificent and diverse adventure destinations for every other travel geek. Rocky Mountains, broken road patches, unexpected rainfalls and a weather that is truly punishing if you are not prepared. But amidst all this, it is the green and serene landscape, crystal clear lakes and open roads beneath the star lit sky that makes Ladakh a true marvel built by mother nature.  

 Many of us are still dreaming of this lifetime adventure tour but for those who have already scheduled theirs, here are some very important things you must carry with you to make your trip a super duper hit!


1. First Things First - The Light of Your Trip

Yes, you will definitely need a headlamp or a torch that serves the purpose…to light your surroundings when it’s dark. Ladakh is prone to power cuts. In case you are camping outdoors then you don’t want to wake up next to a wild animal that is hungry.

So we recommend the Actik Core Headband that serves multiple purposes. You can use it while walking around under the in the nights or simply hang it inside the tent. It comes with different light modes that can be used for different situations.

Check the product here at – Actik Core Petzl

2. How important are tools on an adventure trip like this?

Now it gets difficult to carry different sized tools and then keep digging for it in the backpack when needed. How cool would it be if you can just wear the tools around… and still look stylish? Yes, that’s totally happening!

The Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet by Leatherman is the coolest way to carry all the tools you need. It has 29 types of tools with an all locking feature, when your gadgets or the bike need a little hand, you got more than what it needs!

Check the product here – Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet by Leatherman

3. Dehydration? Nope. That's a risk you cannot take.

Water in the Leh can be way too hard for your stomach to take, it can cause serious trouble to your health. Well, it is obvious you can’t bring your brand new water purifying filter system to the trip, but instead you can carry the Katadyn BeFree Water Filter System…sounds like a machine, no, it’s just a water bottle that can filter out all the harm any water can cause to your body. Fill water anywhere on the way, even from the running river, just squeeze the bottle and it will deliver healthy filtered water.

Check the product here – BeFree Water Bottle

4. What good is a trip when you can’t carry back some fond memories?

Dude! You need a kickass camera. I would say take a camera that can take a solid beating and still survive through the whole trip. GoPro is the best in the business if you are the “master of breaking cameras”. You can pick your favorite model that best suits your purpose.

Check the product here - GoPro

5. Well, music is what completes any adventure!
Nah, not your regular annoying wired earphones. Go wireless this Ladakh trip, you need music that is easy to control, lasts longer and most of all…gives you a true-to-life sound experience in this astounding picturesque place.
You can either choose to go with a True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones or maybe a Bluetooth Speaker. Crossbeats Elektra would be a great companion all through your trip with its ultimate sound quality along with futuristic features. But if you need to spice up that camp fire party then Crossbeats Dynamite would be the best in the segment.

Aren’t you excited? You must be! Pack your bags and get ready to discover the mountains along with the


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